Pieces with Meaning...

I am not a big, fancy jewelry kind of girl.
Don't get me wrong, I love diamond's, ruby's, and sapphire's...
I just don't really have very many!

But, if you dig into my jewelry box you would find...
trendy pieces,
hand-made pieces,
and meaningful pieces.

I thought I would show you three of my favorite, most-worn, meaningful Mommy pieces.

This bracelet, my husband bought me when Sutton came into the world.
It goes with everything...
And, I have worn it 9 years!

My mom had this piece made for me on my last birthday.
I had been wanting an initial necklace but I really didn't want just my initials on it.
So, the "K" in the center is for me
- and the "H" and "S" represent my children's name.

This piece is my newest addition-
It has my family's names on each charm.
You can order one like it HERE!

I bought the charms and jump ringed them onto an inexpensive chain. 
I layer this necklace with an Anthropologie necklace I picked up on clearance.

Isn't it delicious?

You don't have to have expensive gems--
to have treasured jewels!

Happy Hump Day!


Leah C said...

You are so right! Some of my favorite pieces of jewelry are precious, not because of any gems, but for the meaning each holds for me:)

Lisa said...

You are so sweet!
Love how you added your own touch..makes it more "your own". Such a creative girl!


Caleen said...

What a sweet post. Love what you did to change it up. It is really pretty and so special. I don't have expensive stuff but some favorite pieces that have a meaning to me. I also loved your vacation pictures. How fun!