Sometimes Starting is the Hardest Thing to Do!

I just wasn't quite sure where to begin,
it is like having a giant soup pot filled with ideas and not knowing how to separate them.
So here I go, with my first sip of information...

Brave Girls Camp allowed me precious time to CREATE! 

No interruptions,
No deadlines,
No worries...

(well sort of...I always have worries and I had a Big worry while I was there--
I will share it at another time)

It gave me creative freedom
and let's not forget
an art room as magical as Cinderella's castle.
It was paradise!

It was also so freeing
and yet so connected to my core of who I am and what I believe in!
Your art has a way of doing that...

Here is what I made:
A mix-media canvas...

Totally inspired from Melody Ross and her art!
She had so many of her canvases on the wall of our cabin.
Each one spoke to me and moved me.

Above the coffee, tea, and lemonade stand was a painting that I loved..
It had 2 birds.
Every morning, I would study it. 
The layers, the flow, the details...
I was in aw.
My painting was one of the last projects I did at camp
I was 100% inspired by Miss Melody Ross!
She is magic!


Nancy W said...

Kara!!! Your art piece is over the top AMAZING!! Love it!! I am going to use it to inspire me when I create my first mixed media piece in the SheArt workshop!! Thanks so much for sharing it with us! Hugs from Conroe, TX!

Micupoftea~ said...

Love your piece,,,super texture & sweet vibe! I also love the quote in your Valentine post (about how much love a heart can hold). Great blog :D

Leah C said...

It sounds like BraveGirl Camp was an incredibly awesome, life-altering adventure! I absolutely love your canvas art...the birdie is beautiful:) You are just so, so talented, Kara!

Megan said...

Sweet Kara, I ADORE this piece. In fact, I fell head over heels for everything you created. Like you, I was completely inspired by sweet Melody, but I was also inspired by you. You, too, are magic!

Sheila R said...

Love your bird, so very You!

Lori Kae said...

Kara this is gorgeous. You put your heart and soul into your projects and I enjoyed being inspired by your creations as you told parts of "your story". Be Blessed :)