Georgetown Cupcakes-Mmmm Good

Not very long ago,
I was on a plane to D.C.
with the cute husband.

He took me to a Monday Night football game-
Redskins verses Eagles

The Eagles stomped the Redskins-
I was alittle sad for my Redskins, 
So what would make my day?


Now, the truth of the story is
I was hoping,
crossing my fingers and my toes,
and whining to my cousin, John-

I needed to go to Georgetown Cupcakes.
I was too close not to have a tasty treat.
I went before the game....

My sweet, cousin met me in Georgetown.
Googled the address,
Sent me directions, and
Stood in a very long line to make sure I got my cupcake.

Yes, He is a keeper!

In return,
I gave him and my cute husband
a pass to the bar
so they wouldn't have to stand
 in a line for "a girly cupcake".

I waited patiently for my treat!

When I approached the counter,
I ordered the most sinful chocolate cupcake they had!
Yes, those were my exact words.....

It was awesome!

For the boys, I purchased Red Velvet cupcakes
because I thought they sounded manly. 
They came with a heart on them...
Snicker, snicker....

The night we went to DC Cupcakes,
they were filming their reality show.

I felt like I won the lottery.

1 comment:

Leah C said...

Don't really like football, but I do love a yummy cupcake! Bet those were worth the wait:)