Buggy Times

It all started with the flu bug
He bit me and I was achy for 24 hours. 
Pretty much useless to everyone around me.

We all know how much my dear husband LOVES his hot peppers. 
He had grown dozens of them to stuff full of cream cheese and grill. 
Although I am not a fan of hot, spicy peppers what happen next made me feel bad for him and the poor plant!
Continuing reading- but be warn the next picture is not for those who love their hot peppers. 
It may bring tears to your eyes!
Over night this lush, full of leaves and abundant with pepper plant was stripped of everything. 

The culprit was this caterpillar and his 4 friends. 
They were 4 inches long and had feasted all night long on the pepper plant. 
They even ate the peppers. 
What kind of worms were these you may ask?


Well, my kids and the neighbor's kids caught all 5 of the worms and placed them in a jar. 
Sabrina, who loves all things, got teary eyed at the thought of the caterpillars dying.
So...Sutton and Sabrina decided to take them to the cemetery to let them live. 
There is just something ironic about that statement, but they ran the five caterpillars to their new home at the cemetery.

Eventually, the caterpillars will turn into these moths....

It has been a buggy week.
After major winds and rains, my third car garage had this in front of it. 
At first, I thought WASPS....
Oooooh, I am so scared of WASPS.
After a major front yard battle with bug spray.
I was wrong...not WASPS but HORNETS.
Thank goodness for Sutton. 
He was the best bug sprayer as I hid with Hayden in the garage.

All this bug talk had me thinking back to last year at Silver Bella.
I was in a swap called the Bee's Knees. 
It was an individual swap and I made some silly little bee stuff. 

A bee ornament or pin cushion made of felt.
A canvas tote covered in bee material, The Secret Lives of Bees, and Burt's Bees lip balm.

 I received this....


It was made from a board and coated with what else but bee's wax.
The honey comb was cardboard from packaging that she saved.
I love the pearls but the BEE'S are breath-taking.
They are old pins found in thrift stores.
She said her friend helped her collect them.
This piece of art is proudly displayed in my studio.

Bee Healthy and Well!


Wanda said...

Oh, Kara...we feel your pain. We had a hornet's nest this summer...Clark came home on R&R just in time to get rid of it for me. Plus, the other day we found 18 caterpillars on my fennel plant. Not happy...Billy was...he is fascinated with those suckers. I'm glad you finally posted pics of what you got in the swap. :)

Lora Oliver said...

Kara, sorry to hear that you were down with a bug and that DH's plant was attacked. Thanks for sharing the bee themed projects though, they are both incredible in their own ways!

Leah C said...

Bad bugs! Hope you're feeling better...and bug free:)