Book Club

This is how I start my day-
with a green tea (Tazo Zen) and Layered, Tattered, & Stitched by Ruth Rae.

If you have a love of texture this book is for you.
 Ruth writes about her own passion for texture. 
The book is divided into 2 sections:  Offerings from the Heart and Reflections of the Soul.

Each product has a supply list and step-out photos for creating it.

Here is my favorite project.  This amazing tree. 
I bought the book because of how exquisite this tree was.

Ruth's favorite quote is now one of mine-
"Let the BEAUTY of what you LOVE be what you DO!--Rumi
Make sure to check out Ruth's blog.
She will be teaching at Creative Connection this Fall.

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Sandy Michelle said...

Me too; I love that book!
Hope you are doing well!

Sandy xox