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Ric Rac Round Up-Kansas City Style

Miss Ali and I headed to Ric Rac Round Up on Saturday. It show-cased many Kansas City Artist that I love....

One of my favorite artist is Lesa Dailey.

I first saw her work at Miss Frenchies.
She made me Miss Pink Wings...who now lives on my studio table. I love every inch of her!

She also made this felted strawberry pin that I plan to wear on my apron at Silverbella!

I picked up a pink goody bag from Dayle Bennet.
And we had to go to the cute store hosting the event....BON BON ATELIER. They have a blog and pictures of their darling store on-line.

I found this necklace...I love vintage circus things!

And a mystery grab bag sack full of Pink things.....Yum-O!

What a neat event...I can't wait until the next one!


Play Ball!

It was a fabulous Thursday night in Kansas City! Our weather was perfect....low 80's and we had free tickets to watch The Royals Play Ball.
My little boy loves his baseball, but tonight he was kind of quiet and not himself. He finally said..."Mom, I feel weird wearing a Royals T-shirt, I love the Cardinals"

Farmland hot dogs are a must at the game and so is cheering for the hot dog race....Go Ketchup Go!
The opposing team looks a little bored...they were behind until the 7Th inning and then the Royals lost again. I think they have lost 10 games in a row now! I understand why Sutton likes the Cardinals so much!
Glamorous Miss Hayden...bored bored bored. She likes sitting outside and watching the people but hates the thought of a fly ball coming near her!
It was 70's Night at the Stadium....everyone had their groove on except our poor Royals!
Sutton obsessed about Cotton Candy for the the entire game. He told his dad it would make his year! Glad we made his year!
It just isn't Summertime with out going to one ballgame. Maybe next time our home town team will be on a winning streak!
Coco Update:
She is better today. Still coughing, no temperature and is eating better and begging more for food. She caught a virus at the kennel. I guess it is running rapidly through our canines. It is like when we get the flu! Poor baby....I hope she sleeps tonight so I can sleep tonight!


Studio Time!

I am a little nervous about showing my space. It is such a private part of me...every piece has meaning or a memory. The door is opened-so come on inside!

On the door of my studio is a lovely painting by Natalie...she is called "Yellow Haired Girl". Natalie's Blog is http://nataliehansen.typepad.com/

The frames that I spray painted black and the lights by Dennis!
This is the view, when I sit at my lovely table. Many times I watch a movie on the computer or just listen to my Ipod... My desk is a bar table. It has wings on it that open up to create more work space...the sides are home to spools of ribbon, the cabinet is full of idea books and magazines, and the cubbies built for wine bottles are now the home to punches. The table sits in the center of my small space and is the foundation for all my crafts.

{She is sick today...I had to take Miss Coco to the vet. She caught a virus and kept us up all night. She likes to rest at my feet when I work. She is the reason it took me so long to post today.}
I have a wire dress form...with fairy wings and a charmed necklace from last year's Silver Bella.
Things I love from people I love....,

Ribbon storage for my scraps. I bought cookie jars at Wal-Mart. Read more about it on Miss Nifty Thrifty.
Tree of Inspiration...inspired by Miss Foof. She had one in her classroom at Foofala. I loved it and had to create my own version. A little bit of Teresa is hanging on it...a sweet birdie tag.

My mom painted this sign...it hung on my bedroom door for years.

Yes, I love glitter!

Here is my computer area. It sits on a K-mart kitchen island. Next to the business card holder is a rub-on that is place directly on the wall. The white shelf above the dollhouse bookcase is made from an old shutter. I created a holder for my buttons that are still on their cards. The wire holder is from Pier 1 and I hot glued buttons to it!
Jewels belong in a jewelry box.
Buttons on a candle holder chandelier and wooden stamps stored on the I-beam in the room. You know the old saying, out of site, out of mind.

A wooden dollhouse from Michael's covered in my favorite papers. I use it for storage. Vicki Chrisman has a great on in her studio too!

Thanks for stopping by...can't wait to see every one's creative space...
Visit here for links to all the studio's...http://mydesertcottage.blogspot.com/
Thanks to Karen for hosting such a neat blogging event!!!!! SMOOCHES!