Play Ball!

It was a fabulous Thursday night in Kansas City! Our weather was perfect....low 80's and we had free tickets to watch The Royals Play Ball.
My little boy loves his baseball, but tonight he was kind of quiet and not himself. He finally said..."Mom, I feel weird wearing a Royals T-shirt, I love the Cardinals"

Farmland hot dogs are a must at the game and so is cheering for the hot dog race....Go Ketchup Go!
The opposing team looks a little bored...they were behind until the 7Th inning and then the Royals lost again. I think they have lost 10 games in a row now! I understand why Sutton likes the Cardinals so much!
Glamorous Miss Hayden...bored bored bored. She likes sitting outside and watching the people but hates the thought of a fly ball coming near her!
It was 70's Night at the Stadium....everyone had their groove on except our poor Royals!
Sutton obsessed about Cotton Candy for the the entire game. He told his dad it would make his year! Glad we made his year!
It just isn't Summertime with out going to one ballgame. Maybe next time our home town team will be on a winning streak!
Coco Update:
She is better today. Still coughing, no temperature and is eating better and begging more for food. She caught a virus at the kennel. I guess it is running rapidly through our canines. It is like when we get the flu! Poor baby....I hope she sleeps tonight so I can sleep tonight!


Tattered Goods said...

Hi there1 I just stumbled on to your blog and now i am following you :) Our Chocolate Lab was sick also along with our other 3 dogs with the same coughing thing etc... i hope she feels better soon


TxScrapAddict said...

ball games are a blast, we have a farm league here. (beter than nothing!) 80s wow love to see those temperatures one day soon....110 today (gasp). Way too hot for spectating baseball here, without an airconditioned sky box lol!! Hope puppy gets well soon!!!

Tina said...

Baseball games are really so much fun. Sutton's teeth remind me of my Cristian's. :) So does his love for cotton candy.

bekimarie said...

Fun, fun, fun!
I've always wanted to go to a baseball game and basketball aswell. Not much chance of that over here though.
Miss Hayden is looking very glamourus, they grow far too fast.
Such a gorgeous photo of Coco, it looks like she's looking straight at me. I just want to reach out and smooth her.
Have a great week.
Beki xxx

Rose Charles said...

Hi Kara,

I would so love to come to the US and watch baseball!
Chris very often gets to go, as he has to work out of his company's office in Houston for several weeks of the year, and his tales of hotdogs always make me jealous!

Hope you doggie is feeling better :-)

Rose XXX

Nancy Maxwell James said...

Your chocolate lab tugged at my heartstrings this morning because she looked just like my beloved Devon who is now in the great doggie space in the sky. Gorgeous lab and I hope she feels better!

Leah C said...

Haven't been to a ball game in years...feeling a bit nostalgic for my childhood summers when I could name all the Royals ballplayers! Like George Brett, Frank White, Hal McCrae {hmmm, think I'm getting old}
I am happy to hear that sweet Coco is feeling better...bless her doggie heart:)

Caleen said...

How fun...Great weather for a ball game.. My 14 yr. old son is singing at our Home Team's game tomorrow night. So, we are all going to support him.. I don't really get into the game much.. I am like your daughter.. people watching. Ha.. Food is fun too.. Well, Glad your Coco is feeling better.. Hope she does better each day and back to a Happy self.. :)

Lori said...

well, that sounds like fun...we haven't been to a ballgame for a while...your children are beautiful Kara!!!

Nicki said...

The baseball game looks like so much fun! Poor Coco, I know how it is to have a sick pup, we have a 7-year old weimerainer and he has been in and out of the vet for a year now! I can't bear to think of losing him! Hope Coco gets better soon!

Country Liv . . . said...

Oh, Wow, Wow, Wow! Hayden is turning into a very beautiful young lady, VERY quickly! Can't miss that Sutton either-another Wow for him! Love all the new teeth coming in. Tell him the Royals' blue brings out his eyes.

I have missed coming by your blog. I haven't been able to visit much in the last few months but hope to start keeping up with you again.

Poor little Coco ;( It hurts so bad when our babies are sickly.

Thanks for always keeping me and mine in your thoughts and prayers; it is really, really appreciated!