Here they are....
polar opposites in more ways than one.

The football player and the nerd dressed for trick-or-treating!

"Mom, how can I be a pretty nerd"? --Hayden
"Because I might see all those boys from my school while trick-or-treating".--Hayden
"Oh, I see".--Mom
"Okay, go get the curling iron".--Mom

Life with a twelve year old girl.

The football star striking a pose for the camera....

Because they love each other...air hugs!
I hope your Halloween was full of spooks!


Sheila R said...

What great little spooks! Gotta love the air hug!

ashjoy said...

Wow, looks like you had a great Halloween!

Thanks for commenting on my blog! And when you bedazzle your bra I want to see;)

Rachel said...

Why am I not surprised she is a very pretty and fashionable nerd?!?

Leah C said...

So very cute...and she's such a pretty "nerd"!

Caleen said...

Aww.. They look great.. She definitely is a "pretty" Nerd!! so funny.. Your "Football" player is a cutie too.. Love all your Halloween ideas.. You really have creative ideas.. Thanks for sharing.. I think next year I will try to get into it more.. :)

Sandy Michelle said...

Aww they look great and your daughter was a pretty nerd indeed! I love the picture of them air hugging :0)

Nicki said...

Too cute!! Love the nerd costume, I remember doing that when I was younger!! Your kids are adorable!