Paper "Bella" Dolls

Oh, I was struggling to get these girls dressed.

When I signed up for the Silverbella swap this summer, I immediately ordered
The Marie Antoinette Paper Dolls book by Tom Tierney.
Then, I had this hair-brained idea to make a shadowbox in the
Queen of France's fashionable gown.
How in the world was I going to accomplish this?
Jewelry boxes.... they would hold the mini collage I was dreaming of!

Poor girls needed some clothes. It was a cold, October day in the Midwest.
The wind was howling and pumpkins where blowing off the porches.
I just couldn't create fast enough....
Now, that is what I am talking about!!!!
A closer look will show you Marie has fake hair. It was actually a Santa beard. She is bedazzled with feathers and jewels. We all know what a fashionista Marie Antoinette was in the 1700's.
She sent you a message:
"Wherever you are, is the entry point"

So, in other words. Start where you are at and don't get frustrated because you wish you were somewhere else or at a different place in your life. Start where you are at....and enjoy the view.
I am participating in a paper doll swap at Silverbella.
It is being hosted by Elizabeth Shea.
Here is her blog and you may even see a sweet paper doll made by her.
I hope your Halloween night is Spooktacular!!!!!
Off to work on the next swap....candy, sweet charm...hmmmm


Wanda said...

Those are over the top fabulous, Kara!!! You have done it again...your art never ceases to amaze me. See youin a few weeks. :)

Sheila R said...

Absolutely gorgeous! So much detail and beauty!

tina said...

Thanks, Kara, I have drool all over my keyboard ;)

Lora Oliver said...

Those are absolutely gorgeous!

Leah C said...

Oh so lovely! What wonderful detail:)

karlascottage.typepad.com said...

I've enjoyed seeing the paper dolls people have been posting. Its making me wish I'd joined the swap!