Free Time

Free time isn't something I have often, so when I do...I seize the moment. I love going to the movies.

Hayden and I saw this. Darling! It comes out on DVD October 13, 2009. A must have, feel good, love story.

Both of my children went to the movies on a Wednesday (school night) and saw this. Sutton loved it and has been quoting lines from the movie. Hayden like it, but not as much as little man did. I loved it too! Julia Childs is such an interesting character and lead such an amazing life. Definitely worth seeing.

Okay, this was our half-day of school movie...I hate taking Sutton to a PG-13 movie. You just never know what you are going to view. He has a rule that he has to cover his eyes and ears on some parts. This wasn't too bad except in the beginning. He was laughing so loud because he thinks it is funny to cover your eyes and ears. So embarrassing! Regardless of what the movie critics said, I like the movie. It had a good message to stay true to who you are! A great message for a pre-teen girl.

Then we drove Saturday night to Topeka, KS. The Capital of Kansas. It was a neat town with the best restaurant in the universe!
Take the risk and order the sampler.
Little taste of everything....The restaurant offers a different menu each week. Make reservations. It is in an old Row House and such a treat to peek inside of it. Original photographs and paintings on the walls...amazing food and a very talented chef that checks to see if you are happy and he is willing to share recipes.

We had a private room.

This guy along with 2 of his statue friends were carved into the wall in our room.
Bon Appetite!


Javajune said...

I saw the Proposal and hubby and I both loved it. I was surprized that he liked it at all. I so want to see the Time travelers wife but hubby does not. I may have to grab a girlfriend and go. Have a great week my clever friend.

Leah C said...

Sounds like so much fun! I've been wanting to see The Proposal...thanks for the review:)

Anonymous said...

Hi Kara,

Cool restaurant!

I shall look forward to seeing all those movies :-D

I think we are a bit behind you guys over here... I know the first one is out at the cinema at the moment! And the second one is released this week I think.

Rose XXX

TxScrapAddict said...

Such fun....we have that same rule about PG-13 movies.

Sandy Michelle said...

Is that Ali in your pix? I saw The Proposal too, and loved it!

Sand xox