2 Cute 2 B 4 School

Dress up a classroom door and provide valuable information with this fun door hanger. Create a unique door hanger with a cork memo board (drink coaster), spray paint a piece of cardboard with chalkboard paint to create a miniature blackboard, and secure a box to the bottom of the door hanger to make a place for chalk or extra tags. Create stamped tags that provide information of where the class is at. For example-they maybe at lunch, music, art, PE, or an assembly. I am sure a little helper in the classroom would love to be in charge of changing the signs. Save a teacher time, by creating a custom classroom door hanger.
Step-by-step directions found here:

**use Popsicle sticks to frame the chalkboard.


Karen said...

Oh how cute is that!!! When my kids were in elementary school, there would just be a note stuck on the door. This is soooooo much better! Good job!
Hey, I'm so glad you are going to participate in our "Doors of Welcome". I am getting my new button today, so if you would like to grab it - please do!!
Thanks! Have a great day!!!!
Karen - Some Days Are Diamonds

Rose Charles said...

Hi Kara,

what a fabulous door hanger! and I am sure it could be re-themed for a little boy's or little girl's room as well as for school! I know a little princess who would love a little pink sparkly door-hanger! lol

Thank you for your lovely comment today :-)

Rose XXX

Country Liv . . . said...

Wow! I love the door hanger and it kind of makes me wish I was a teacher!
Thanks for checking in with me-I wish you could come and visit too! That would be so awesome. Kim's back in the ICU up in Concord again so I won't be visiting or having visitor's for a long time to come =(
Big hugs,

bekimarie said...

You know how much I love all your creations but I think this has to be my favourite so far hunni. You have such a wonderful talent!
Beki xxx

p.s comp is short for comprehensive school which to you is High school x

TxScrapAddict said...

You are sooo super clever girl! I have got to make one of these....or maybe two, or three. xoxo

Leah C said...

That is definitely cool! Great idea for teachers:)

Caleen said...

Love your Ideas.. So cute.. Thanks for sharing such fun ideas for teachers.. You are always sharing such creative and out of the box ideas.. Hope you have a great week..

Rachel said...

Kara these are adorable!! You are too creative lady!!