Yellow Haired Girl

Miss Natalie is amazing. I always love checking out her blog.
She has so many talents...jewelry, paper crafts, and now this....
Doesn't she make your heart sing?

I am happy to say Miss Yellow Haired Girl is coming to live with me....I have adopted her and promise to give her a loving, creative home.

Natalie paints her canvas in layers...the detail is amazing.

You can view more of her great art here:

I hope everyone has a productive day....I am running in circles with both babies birthdays and Mother's day! I need another 10 hours in the day!



Anonymous said...

lovely picture :-)

i am trying to have a productive day... but it seems to be going nowhere! i guess it just works out like that sometimes!

wishing you more luck than i'm having :-)

Rose XXX

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there sweets,
Natalie gave me one of her canvases when we were roomies in March. they are adorable.
yours is so sweet.

natalie hansen said...

You are so sweet! xoxo

Sandy Michelle said...

What a wonderful piece! I'm yellow haired too so can I come and stay with you too? Have a GREAT Mother's Day!!!

Sandy xoxo