Brookside Art Fair

Ahhh, it has been too long since I last blogged. Life is always crazy this time of year with both kid's birthdays, my dad's birthday, and Mother's day....not to mention school getting out this week! My head spins in December and May! On top of it all, my mom has been sick.
We will know more today, but she hasn't feel well at all.

Here is where I last left off in "Blogging Land". Brookside Art Fair with friends. It was a perfect Spring Evening filled with Art, Friends, and Pizza. If you haven't been to the BLUE GROTTO, I recommend it 100%. It uses tomato sauce and flour imported from Italy. Yummy-o! The pizza is what it is known for -but we had 3 different appetizers and a variety of entrees, each of us left full and happy! Blue Grotto is located in Brookside.

Mines in the middle. He blames all his gray hair on me....with that ornery smile who would believe him for a second.

One of our favorite booth's at the Art Show was Suze Ford.

She creates lovely canvas with layer upon layer of detail.
Her motto is: Painting to please the soul, the mind, and the eye, but not the ego.

Miss Ali in front of Suze's work!

Gayle and the artist Suze.

I also loved Valerie Bunnell's mixed media sculpture.

One of my favorite Kansas City Jewelry Art....Amuck Design.
It is sold on Etsy. www.amuckdesign.com

Amuck is dedicated to (Re)creation: the making of new something out of old somethings.
It is said that when you wear Amuck Design, you are wearing something with a story.

BYCOY is like what I love to make....
Salvage charms....
Mark Orr makes Scavenger Art with a Crow theme.
I also was intrigued by Ann & Dean's interactive canvases. Amazing stuff!

I hope you are inspired to create...more stuff posted tomorrow. I am determined!


Leah C said...

Looks like fun! Hope your Mom is feeling better:)

TxScrapAddict said...

Hope Mom gets well soon! What inspiring art!!

Sandy Michelle said...

I missed you girl! Happy belated to you kids and I sure hope what your mother has isn't serious! I enjoyed looking at the art pieces- especially the interactive canvas!BTW, I just posted my new art studio pix. So when are you coming down to visit????

Sandy xoxo

Vicki C said...

Wooo hooo.. what a total bunch of artful treasure to take in!! Thanks for sharing Kara.
ps. hope you mom is feeling better

bekimarie said...

Hi Kara

Thanks for dropping by, it's always nice to meet new bloggy friends.
You have a lovely blog although I haven't managed to read through it all yet.
Love the charm bracelets!
Look forward to your next post.
Taake care
Beki xxx

bekimarie said...

Almost forgot, 'Happy Birthday' to your gorgeous daughter and I hope your Mum gets better soon xxx