Love, Love, Love...Valentine's Day

Happy Valentine's Day!
Valentine's Day on a Saturday was a fun treat! Shane was home from work so he could also partake in our yearly Chocolate Breakfast. It is a tradition passed down by my mom to have a breakfast with chocolate as the main course. Heaven!!! We plugged in Mr.S's chocolate fountain, cut up some fruit, and had chocolate pancakes. As a special treat, we made Shane a heart- shaped chocolate chip cookie. The kiddos had Friday off school, so we did a little bakin' and a lot of frostin'. Miss H and I went a little treasure shopping and came home with this antique card holder. It was perfect for our Valentine's and it was only $1.48. Can't beat that!!! Below is a picture of the candy necklaces that we created for Miss H's friends. She is at that awkward middle school age where you still want to make a Valentine box but don't want look like a geek. So, we had some crafty fun with these...all you need are:
  • candy necklace
  • tiles
  • Rub-on's
  • solder
  • jump rings

We wrapped the tiles in the copper foil, fluxed them, and add the solder. Attached a jump ring to the top of the tile and wha-la! A personal gift for a middle school-er.

I love fresh flowers! But when I want them, I go buy them myself. I love chocolate but know I am having it for breakfast which makes it hard for poor Shane on what to get me for the holidays. He did great...a humorous card ( I love them...) and Pink's New CD (Fun house). I love every song...especially SOBER, Crystal Ball, and Glitter in the air. You couldn't pick a better gift. My birthday is in 4 days...and I can't wait to show you what he bought me. It will be delivered on my birthday. How lucky! I am going to be 40...I thought it would bother me more, but I guess you are as old as you feel. I am not a dinosaur yet!!!!

I hope everyone had a special Valentine's Day with the ones they love...wink,wink



Valita said...

Cute necklaces. What a creative thoughtful ide!

Leah C said...

Sounds like the perfect Valentine's Day! And I just love what you did with those candy necklaces:) Sweet treat!

Heather Grow said...

I love your chocolat breakfast tradition. I need to start that next year for our family. Your candy necklaces are great. What a fabulous idea.

I can't wait to see what you get for your birthday.

aubri said...

Thanks for stopping to say hi. I love your candy necklaces, very cute!
are you going to try to make it to Mel Ross art retreat?
I hope so, it should be fun!