A Home-Made Valentine

I haven't been very good about updating this week. I apologize- it is just that my head is still in a knot with You Tube. I figured out how to save the video to my library, downloaded a more current version of Flip, and tried to upload again...a storm caused us to lose Internet connection. Still no luck and the camera is locked up. Sigh-

More good news. Our shower is no longer leaking into the living room. Thank you Andrew!!!!! The ceiling is repaired and looks pretty good.

Next problem, no heat. The furnace is not working again. I feel like I have this on-going list at all times. I get through one obstacle and the next one jumps in front of me.

On a happy note, Sutton made his Valentine's. There is just something special about a home-made Valentine. I had the cardstock and the glitter. I had to purchase googly eyes and lollipops. He decorated the wings with a Zig glue pen and sprinkled chunky glitter all over them and the floor and the bar downstairs. I hot glued googly eyes to the lollipops and cut a slit to slide the lollipop into the butterfly's wings.
"You make my heart FLUTTER, Valentine" {love, Mr.S}
The left-over red lollipops we added some punched flower parts and tied them into a bouquet. It made a sweet teacher gift with a Starbucks card wrapped in the little pink box. Mr. S's Valentine's box is an oldie but good-y. We made it back in kindergarten. He still loves cars, so it is a keeper.
Send me good vibes with my You Tube account...I need it!

Love, Kara


Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Kara! Those are the cutest little lollies!
Hope things settle down for you--I've had one of those weeks here too.

Stephanie O. said...

Those butterfly lollipop valentines are adorable! What a great idea...

Sheila R said...

What a wonderfully cute idea! Mr. S did such a great job!

TxScrapAddict said...

Those are soooo precious! Nothing more fun than covering yourself & kids in glitter!!! (well, except maybe covering all in cookie dough....) Happy Valentine's Day!!

Sandy Michelle said...

Awwww what a 'sweet' idea ;) I hope you have a romantic Valentines with no leaks and lots of heat...LOL! I'm so glad you're taking pix of the girl scouts' show~!

Sandy XOX

Leah C said...

So very cute:) Hope you all have happy hearts for Valentine's Day!

Stamping with Heather said...

Love these Kara - they turned out so great! They look like they were fun for you all to make together :-)