Where Am I?

I have been off the grid since Christmas. I have been on a path, just a different one. It is the path that leads home. They needed me (see photo below). Mr. S had an asthma attack at elementary school which required 911 to be called. A fire truck, an ambulance, and 2 police cars came to our aid. He was fine, but has required several doctor visits and a new medicine routine. We aren't there yet, but will have more answers in 2 weeks. Little Miss H has had her own medical needs. She had 6 teeth pulled on Friday to get her ready for braces. We had to go to an oral surgeon because some of the teeth were below the gum line. She is healing, but is still very swollen. I also got sick after Christmas. It was a lovely upper respiratory infection along with Bronchitis. The cough out lasted the medicine. I am finally able to hold a conversation on the phone.

Our Christmas was so special....
Here is a great photo of my dad on Christmas Eve. As many of you know, he has been battling his own medical issues. He is such a fighter and we had good news at the doctor's today. The crazy, but very important potassium count, was in the average range. That means my mom's strict menu is helping his kidneys function some. Notice his little dog, Eliza Doolittle, she love her photo taken. Most dogs are too fast for the camera. She sits up pretty.

The presents were numerous. Such a generous family. You can tell by Mr.S's face he love the Nikon camera my parents got him.

Christmas morning was too quick. I just want to push the pause button and take it all in. Hayden got her very important present... a New cell phone. Perfect for her texting... The kids are in their new pajamas which is always the first gift of Christmas and given on Christmas Eve. My mom started this tradition with me when I was little. Old Navy had snowmen fleece pajamas...extra cozy and extra cute!

Mr. S played a trick on the family this year. We always hide the pickle on the tree Christmas Eve. Christmas morning who ever finds it, gets a special pickle present. Miss H has found it 2 years in a row. Mr. S decided to hide it before I did and pretend like he didn't. I looked and looked for the pickle and couldn't find it. He reached into the trunk of the tree and pulled it out! The little turkey had it all planned out. He is now the proud owner of the DVD The Adams Family. I am going to have to be sneakier next year. Watch out Mr. S!

Shane and I had fun with a few presents this year. We decided to wrap up 5 of their favorite foods and mix them in with the gifts. It was hilarious when they opened them. The look of their faces was priceless. Both were happy with the food. It just shows you that it really is the little things that matter.

On Christmas Day, we drove to see Shane's family. Coco was worn out from getting up so early.

Peace to all of you in this new year....
I miss the blogging world and I am glad to be back.
Or as Miss H would say Peace Dude!
Make time to create!


kathy said...

Kara glad you are back - and your little guy doing well - Love all your cute things -- esp all the Christmas ones -- Get out the Hearts GIrl - it's Valentine -- LOL
Kathy - ga

Wanda said...

That was neat..thanks for sharing your Christmas. I loved the wrapped up food for Christmas...I did that for my sister one year for her birthday. :) I hope you are all having a great New Year and I'm glad you are back.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

Great post! I can relate to all the little things that life throws at you--sometimes all at once! :)
Hope everything is settling down for you.
And bring on Valentine's Day!!

Sheila R said...

Kara, so good to see you back in blogland. Hopefully things are settling down for you and you were able to enjoy a wonderful Christmas with your family! Have you ever thought about dioing spot lights still? Sure do miss mine!

Take care!

Leah C said...

Kara, the world of blogs has missed you! Sounds like you had a wonderful Christmas...I do hope 2009 brings lots of healthy days for you & your family:)

TxScrapAddict said...

Glad you had a wonderful Christmas. Hope the healing for everyone continues. Prayers continue for your father!

Christina said...

I've had a hard time keeping up with blogging since Christmas too. Just been more involved with spending time with the girls I think. Scarey about the asthma attack at school. Glad he's doing okay. So glad to hear your Dad is doing well too. Looks like it was a fun Christmas!