This and That!

Mr. S is finally back at school. He has had bronchitis and a lovely sinus infection which makes his asthma do a happy dance. On top of that, he was allergic to the medicine. He looked like a leopard after 2 doses. He said, "Mom, I am a Missouri Tiger, not a leopard". So, no medicine for 2 days until the penicillin was out of his little body. Let's just say, I get very little done while he is home. High-maintenance...but I wouldn't trade a second of it. What is next for me...I feel like I have been on a "not so fun" ride at the amusement park since last Spring. I don't know if you have read Heidi's blog...http://heidiswapp.typepad.com/ She keeps posting about Gratitude... It is a powerful word. I am thinking of making a gratitude journal. I need to look closely at every moment of my life. Life is short...I have been reminded of this. Maybe thinking about all I have to be grateful for will change my attitude and get me heading in a better direction. A clean storage room and my studio moved will help even more. wink, wink...

Okay, Catherine sent me this...http://cmscanlon.blogspot.com/ Isn't she just terrific. I needed a good laugh and she delivered. This is called "Boobies". Get it-BOO bees. It had me in stitches. It is the little things in life..isn't it?


Thanks Vicki!

Sweet Vicki Chrisman http://vickichrisman.blogspot.com/ sent me this little yummy. She must have know I needed a little pick-me- up. The rules for the Blogger Award are simple. I am to list 6 Things That Make Me Happy and nominate 6 Bloggers to Make Them Happy.

6 Things that make me Happy....

1) My family. Especially my dad. He is hanging on...say a little prayer.
2) A trip anywhere always makes my heart soar.
3) Creating. I can't imagine my life without it.
4) Our rotten dog. Oh, the joy and the headaches she brings.
5) Chocolate. I really believe I need some everyday along with a 2:00 Diet Coke.
6) A clean house...only 19 more containers and 2 file cabinets to go!

Blogs that make me happy:
Melody is just soul food...I "get" her and who she is. She is a true artist.
Liv is a dear friend. She is strong, smart, and a quick wit.
Jessi makes my day. She is like a breath of sunshine...maybe colored PINK.
Irene is a true creative scrapbooker. I (heart) her texture and style.
Becky behind the lens is a genius. She captures the soul of a person. She has a gift.
I just love this site. It feeds my creativity.


Some of my favorite places...

I love these bracelets made by Aubri at Posh on a Budget. They are only $17 and she is offering free shipping at this time. I think they would be great birthday gifts or Christmas gifts. They come in all colors and even in children's sizes. Take a look:(http://poshonabudget.blogspot.com/)

Check out these houses for sale made by Jessi. They are for sale under her Etsy Shop. http://scrappyjessi.blogspot.com/

Check out Catherine's cards...amazing. I am such a fan of her art!


Cari Kraft is always crafting up some magic...check this out. She has a very neat etsy shop on her blog. http://www.carikraft.typepad.com/

Karah is a cool invitation maker and card creator. She has started a new etsy shop and even has perfume.



A Little Wicked Witch...not many moons ago!

This is a layout I made for Hayden. I treasure the photos with her short hair. How time flies! This year she plans on being Dorothy. Yes, she went from the Wicked Witch of the West to Sweet Dorothy and the Ruby Red Slippers. Hmmm, I wonder if next year she might be the lion or the scarecrow. You just never know! Back to the scary basement ... The Great Clean Out! Ali came over to help sort all my jewelry supplies. She was even overwhelmed. Thanks doll-face! Happy almost Friday!


Haunted Halloween Whimsy mini book

Here is a little mini book idea kit to get you started. I used the Halloween Whimsy mini book kit to desgin the entire project. It took all my restraint not to add anything extra. Here is what it looked like on the back of packaging. I know it maybe strange....but I design my layout first and then add my photos. It is probably because I am a right-brain thinker. I know the group of photos I will use when designing a project ,but I never know which ones until the project is created. I have tried to base a layout around a photo and I just can't. I spin and spin my wheels and get so frustrated. As my mom says, that is why there is chocolate and vanillia. I am swirl...I am pretty sure.


I am looking for a CLEAN HOUSE

I have been in a cleaning mode...
I have to get rid of some of the treasures I have been holding onto for 10-20 years. The stuff is taking over my house. I have no storage left and my DH wants a freezer in the basement. I need to make room, he doesn't ever ask for much. Thursday and Friday is a YARD SALE at my home. I will probably being setting up on Thursday and run the sale Friday and Saturday. I have children's clothes size 4-6 in boys and size 8 in girls, tons of odds and ends, teaching stuff, furniture, and who knows what else...I am still cleaning.
So, drop me an email and I will send you an address. Hop on your broom and fly right over. I would love to see you and catch up. Wear your warm clothes and I will have hot cocoa for you...it looks like snow in the forecast.
I am dreaming of a clean house, so I can get my studio moved. I love this show. It motivated me to Purge Purge Purge. I think I see my husband doing a happy dance.
Do you have this problem....Webkinz taking over the house. I had to make a little hammock to hold all of Mr. S's webkinz addictions. Of course, I needed a layout to document this obsession.

Take a spin with the wheel, it really works....
Place your webkinz photo on each slice of the wheel or make your own Wheel of Wow subtitles.

To Buy this Layout go to:


Oh, Goodie Gumdrops!

For those of you who know me, I am not a very good computer girl. Computers make my head spin. So, it was a big accomplishment to start my Etsy store... Pink Postage. I still need to do my header but the base of the shop is up. I hope you like it. It sure has been fun for me to dream about it. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6352508 Here is one of my items for sale modeled by the lovely Ms. H. with her new contacts in. Drum roll please!

This weekend, we headed to Worlds of Fun for Halloween Haunt. Ms. H went camping with Girl Scouts, so it was the 2 Mr. S's and me. Here they are on the Mamba. The decoration were so cool and spooky. I love the Rock Band...they looked like Vampires and played Good Ole Rock and Roll classic tunes. The rock band called themselves the Hemoglobin's. Love it! It was dark and foggy at Worlds of Fun, so I didn't take too many photos. I need to go back during the day. Worlds of Fun went all out with this event.


A Ghoulish Treat!

A little black hat (instead of a little black dress) is all this glamour girl needs. Adding some festive buttons and a charming ghost brings new life to a plain black hat. The ghost is machine stitched to the hat with his eyes hand beaded. Each button is hand stitched. The hat fits girls to women. It is a one-size fits all ladies hat 10o% Acrylic.