Oh, Goodie Gumdrops!

For those of you who know me, I am not a very good computer girl. Computers make my head spin. So, it was a big accomplishment to start my Etsy store... Pink Postage. I still need to do my header but the base of the shop is up. I hope you like it. It sure has been fun for me to dream about it. http://www.etsy.com/shop.php?user_id=6352508 Here is one of my items for sale modeled by the lovely Ms. H. with her new contacts in. Drum roll please!

This weekend, we headed to Worlds of Fun for Halloween Haunt. Ms. H went camping with Girl Scouts, so it was the 2 Mr. S's and me. Here they are on the Mamba. The decoration were so cool and spooky. I love the Rock Band...they looked like Vampires and played Good Ole Rock and Roll classic tunes. The rock band called themselves the Hemoglobin's. Love it! It was dark and foggy at Worlds of Fun, so I didn't take too many photos. I need to go back during the day. Worlds of Fun went all out with this event.


Vicki C said...

Good for you kara! i've been talking about doing an esty for 2 years and still havent taken time to figure it out. lol seriously I signed up for and account .. and that was as far as I got.
ps. tell her her eye are beautiful!!

Linda said...

Love the rock band!

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey there
congrats on your etsy!!!
your hats a re awesome!! your daughter is gorgeous!!!

Wanda said...

Congratulations!! It took me a while to get my store up and running. Computers blow my mind as well and not in a good way. :) Good luck and best wishes...see you in Omaha. :)

TxScrapAddict said...

Congrats on the Etsy!! Love those ghoulish pix!!

Jules said...

Your ebay store looks divine! Those are darling hats and you will do well. Thanks so much for stopping by my blogs and leaving such nice words!

missy j said...

Your goodies are wonderful. Best of luck to you!

Sandy Michelle said...

Thanks for stopping by:) I love the hats in your shop!!!

Sandy xox

Kim Caldwell said...

Your hats are darling! I had quite a time with Esty myself -- hee hee. Figured out the banner though so if you are still needing some tips let me know!

Hugs, Kim

aubri said...

Hi Kara,
Thanks for your interest in my bracelets. If you can email me on poshonabudget@gmail.com and we can complete your order there.

Loreluca said...

I had to go check out your store... it's FANTASTIC!!! Love all the goodies, they are just AMAZING!
Love Fall and Halloween fests. There's something so special about them!

Leah C said...

Good Luck with the new shop! Love the name:)