Thanks Vicki!

Sweet Vicki Chrisman http://vickichrisman.blogspot.com/ sent me this little yummy. She must have know I needed a little pick-me- up. The rules for the Blogger Award are simple. I am to list 6 Things That Make Me Happy and nominate 6 Bloggers to Make Them Happy.

6 Things that make me Happy....

1) My family. Especially my dad. He is hanging on...say a little prayer.
2) A trip anywhere always makes my heart soar.
3) Creating. I can't imagine my life without it.
4) Our rotten dog. Oh, the joy and the headaches she brings.
5) Chocolate. I really believe I need some everyday along with a 2:00 Diet Coke.
6) A clean house...only 19 more containers and 2 file cabinets to go!

Blogs that make me happy:
Melody is just soul food...I "get" her and who she is. She is a true artist.
Liv is a dear friend. She is strong, smart, and a quick wit.
Jessi makes my day. She is like a breath of sunshine...maybe colored PINK.
Irene is a true creative scrapbooker. I (heart) her texture and style.
Becky behind the lens is a genius. She captures the soul of a person. She has a gift.
I just love this site. It feeds my creativity.


Scrappy Jessi said...

aaahhh thanks doll!!!
see ya soon
eekk so excited.

Leah C said...

Such sweet photos! Have a lovely day:)

Christina said...

Kara, I am totally loving that you are so back to blogging again! It's going to have to go on that list of places I visit when I need a pick me up!

TxScrapAddict said...

Congrats! Still saying prayers for your Dad.

The Squared One said...

Thanks for coming to visit my blog. I should probably set up notification so I know when people post comments :) Now I'm subbed to your blog and will get much inspiration from your wonderful site! I must say that your blog banner is the TOPS!!!! It's WAY too awesome!!!

aubri said...

I talk to Mel daily! I am so lucky to have her as a close friend. When I'm down I give her a ring and she lifts me up!!!!!

Loreluca said...

aaah, Kara, what a beautiful pic of your little one AND your dad! Those faces just say it all!