Card #2 and other fun stuff!

Na-na saved the day! Sutton is not allowed any physical activity...no bike, no scooter, no trampoline, no running, and no slide. He is feeling better and tired of watching all the fun. Na-na brought him a little get well package with bubbles in it. It also had a stain glass monkey paint set...the monkey is hanging in his window. Thanks Na-na. The bubbles were more perfect than she will ever know. Sutton would make the bubble blower go and Coco "the crazy chocolate lab" would jump and pop each one. We were rolling with laughter watching her attack the bubbles. I couldn't get one good photo because I was shaking with laughter. This was just what a bored little boy needed to do on a beautiful weekend.

Card #2
Black Cardstock
Acetate or an overhead
Smitten hot pink paper
Mira orange paper
Rock Star Adhesive Chipboard
Brenda Walton Rhinestones
Hot Pink thread for the sewing machine

I used the fold line in the cardstock to create the card. By tracing a plate, I had a good shape. I placed acetate between the black cardstock and the orange, scalloped pattern paper to create the shine you see on the old fashion lp's. LOL. I still have a few of my favorite records. I don't even own a record player to play them on, I just can't throw them out. I have all my Rick Springfield albums, Journey, Asia, Grease, and Olivia Newton John's Let's Get Physical Album. How funny is that?


Lilli said...

Bubbles save the day :)

Rockin' card!

Beth Norman said...

This is the cutest! I've never seen anything like it, and I love it. So unique.

Cathy ~ Tadpoles and Teacups said...

You can't go wrong with bubbles and a Chocolate Lab!! Hope your little guy is back to himself soon.
I enjoyed my tour of your blog. :)Your cards are such fun.


Vicki C said...

Oh.. what a great idea for him! Good thinking Nana! Hope his starting to feel better Kara. I've had you on my mind, wondering how he's doing .
That card is just darling!

Country Liv . . . said...

Hey Kara. So glad to see Sutton smiling and playing. I didn't expect to see you post anything today, I thought you were leaving on vacation. Did you hear about the tornadoes that hit Virginia? A lot of damage and several hundred injuries! I'm glad you didn't leave today!
That record card is a hoot! Love it. You know that most of my age group still has their 45's? Can't part with them either.
Hope all the Ward's stay happy and healthy!