Sending Out A S.O.S!

I was trying to change the background on my blog, and I deleted the entire thing...everything but the posts. After a moment of silence and maybe a tear or two...I realized I lost everyone's email address...blog sites I like to visit.

It is okay...my breakdown is over. I decided to look at it in a different way. It was time for a change. So...I am officially under construction.

I need your help...send me your blog sites and emails. I need a better list. I just got lazy at maintaining my old one. If you weren't on it or got deleted from it...send me a line. I need a life line or a blog line. LOL

If anyone out there knows how to create a background...I would appreciate advice. Kara


Heather Grow said...

Oh no. That's exactly why I haven't spiffied up my blog. I'm afraid I'll lose what I do like.

Anyways, I love all your new projects.

Vicki C said...

Ahhh.... I know that is WAY scary!!
So glad you back and posting ,because I was having Kara withdrawls!!