Where, Oh Where, Could I Be?

This is what happens every time I am under the gun with projects...I am sure my scissors are somewhere...I have been scrappin' like crazy to get ready for some FUN! I can't wait to show you the projects. Don't worry...by the time I finally am posting tonight....my scrappy hole is clean... I seriously can't function when it gets so chaotic.

Every thing is under wraps....see you on Dec. 1. I have got to get some sleep. Kara

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Katie Lyn Sherry said...


Thank you so much for the inspiring photo of your "scrap hole!"

I don't feel so alone now! LOL!!! My scrap room has stuff spread from the door to the end of the walls... I have a nice little path to my computer :) Gotta have our priorities!

Can't wait to see your 12 days of Inspiration!