Deviation from the Plan...

We took the long way home from Iowa...
Grandma C. volunteers at The Nodaway Historical Museum...we had to stop and say hi!
It was such a neat place...
  • Goldenrod School house (birthplace of 4-H)
  • Tons of Native American Artifacts
  • Quilt Displays
  • WWII Prisoner of War Camp
  • Birthplace of Glenn Miller
  • Animal Display

It had a little store in the front of the museum. Hayden and I found in a case a box marked jewelry. We opened it an found old pieces of costume jewelry for $1 and $2. Jackpot! Here are a few of the fun pieces we bought. I think I am going to use the clip on earrings as a center in a craft project. Fun, fun! Kara

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Heather Grow said...

I love that owl necklace. And, I forgot to comment below but chocolate labs are so fun to dress up. My chocolate lab was a pirate this year.