The Day After...

We are all recovering from the late night festivities. Having our friends over to Trick-or-Treat, was so much fun. It was a nice evening weather-wise. That is a rarity on Halloween night. Hayden dressed as a Japanese Girl. Shane brought all her costume pieces back from Tokyo. Sutton dressed as Tow-Mater for the 2ND year in a row. Poor Coco, was made into a pumpkin. She like the pumpkin part because it kept her warm. She hated the hat. Hope everyone had a spooktacular night. Kara

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Scrappy Moments said...

such Great Pictures, Looks Like You had a Fun Halloween. My Daughter was a Japanese Girl too when she was younger. I thought your Pumpkin Dog was Fun too. We have a Pig Costume for our Cocker Spaniel.LOL