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This is a new line by K and Company called Wild Saffron. It is rich in color and has the feel of nature. I designed a little chipboard book. I am loving these books. They are so cute and fast to complete. They would make nice gifts. This book comes "naked" meaning no paper or embellishments with it, just a blank chipboard book and some chipboard shapes. Enjoy!

Here are some highlights from our family vacation after CHA. Hayden drove us nuts to go to American Girl. She never plays with dolls, and never has. She bought the new doll, Nicky. It looks just like her. Blue eyes, Carmel hair, freckles, loves dogs and horses-doesn't that just sound like Hayden? She was so proud of her purchased she carried the sack all day long up and down Michigan Avenue. Nicky even went to the Hancock building with us. I love how the dolls come with a story book. She has a special place in her room and a great memory of Chicago.

The kids loved the Field Museum. We spent most of the day there. That night Sutton woke with a bad dream that dinosaurs were chasing him and he kept tell us to hurry and get the car. The next day we asked him if the dinosaurs at the museum scared him...he said, "No, Rex-ie was fine, it was the 2 plant eaters and the 1 meat-eater that was after me"! What an imagination....

Here is the Hancock building....they went to Sears tower when I was working the show. Sutton was mad at me for making him take a photo, so this is what I got. Lovely.

View from Navy Pier. Always breath-taking.
This was the view taken from our hotel room. I am a city girl through and through. Isn't it ironic that I married a farm boy? We didn't stay at anything fancy...it was a Holiday Inn with a fabulous view of the river. The hotel lobby was on the 15 floor. Below us was the Chicago Sun Times or some newspaper...



Anonymous said...

Hey Girl! Nice finally seeing some pix of the new K&Co -- I'm lovin Wild Saffron -- and your mini-books are adorable! And ... I have a similar pix of my DS in the Hancock Tower!

Vicki C said...

Oh, I love looking at all these goodies! Everything is just so beautiful! Thanks for sharing Kara!

Prolix fromla Normandie said...



{ThE fReNcH tOuCh}