Needing a Break!

Sutton and I headed to Tiffany Springs Water Park on Tuesday. I needed a break from all the CHA stuff and Sutton needed Mom-time. Only my son would put 10 tattoos on his belly. He is such a little man to be going off the high board.

I went to bed a 9:00. That is very unlike me. The sun went straight to my head. I hope everyone is staying cool in this heat. Kara


Vicki C said...

Good for you for taking a break and taking "mom time". That's important!! Cant wait to meet you in person at CHA!! See you there! Vic

Karen Miller said...

Sutton obviously learned about embellishments from his mom! Have a great time at CHA and I'll look forward to seeing the news when you get back. Be careful out there in the world...;-)...K.