The Dollhouse Dream

I was walking around Michael's with my 40% off coupon...wondering what I was going to buy. I found this unfinished wooden dollhouse shelving unit. I loved it. I could picture my supplies in it. I still love dollhouses and wish I had a little girl who would play them with me. No such luck. So, I covered it with favorite papers....the Hopscotch K & Company line works so well. Added beaded trim on the roof line. Here is the finished result.

Vicki Chrisman found a dollhouse at Good Will. Look what she did.


Amazing! Prepare for your mouth to hang open.



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Heather Grow said...

OMG I have a doll house just like this. I redecorated it a couple years ago for my niece to "borrow" and I had the hardest time finding cute wallpaper. Duh. I never thought about using scrapbook paper. I love your cute workspace. So fun.