Picture Day!

Today is Picture Day at my kiddos school. I took some photos before they left. Such cutie patooties! Sutton is missing 3 teeth on the front, bottom of his smile. Hayden is looking so much older. I shot these photos in my garage with my Digital Rebel. The light in the garage is usually flattering with both garage doors up. My two models are squinters. Hanging a sheet in the garage is great for lighter colored backgrounds. In these photos, I used the flash to create a dark shadow background. Have a wonderful day and thanks for all the posts. You girls make me feel like a rock star!


Melanie said...

kara, they both are so stinkin' cute!! Hayden really is changing alot! You photo tips are awesome girl! I must admit I've never even thought of taking the kids photos in the garage! I'll have to give this a try because your photos turned out great!

P.S. You ARE a rock star!!! :o)

Kara Ward said...

I wish I was a better photo shop editor. I look at Angelia photos. Breathtaking. She has a way with photo shop. I need to spend a month with her as an apprentice. Kara