Home Sweet Home

This is my basement rabbit hole. It has a cement floor, exposed ceiling, cement walls with pipes on them, no heat vents, and no windows. I love every small inch of it. The room was a storage room off the kitchen in our basement. I put scrap rugs down. Stapled fabric to the walls and added lights. Dear Shane built me a countertop for creating on.


Anonymous said...

I absolutely LOVE every inch of your space too! It's SOOOOO perfectly YOU!!!!!!!!


Kara Ward said...

It is funny... my mom looked at my site this morning. She said there are so many things from your childhood in there. She is right...my shadow box...my Kara's Castle sign that hung on my sand box, the cat clock from my childhood bedroom. Some day I will post the Mouse House she made me. I played and played with the little house and the tiny mice from England. It too has a special place in Studio Pink. Kara

Christina said...

I totally love your scraproom Kara! It sounds like you to a dark space and then made it into a very pretty, girly studio!