Keep on Truckin'

Whew Baby!
I have been a busy girl...
Home from Vegas and no I am not any richer!

Getting ready for a "husband getaway"!
Which is probably a good thing, since I have forgotten his name.
He has been traveling or I have been gone.
Let's just say we are like 2 ships passing in the night.
Time to reconnect!

(don't you just love those pink cowgirl boots?)


Leah C said...

Those "boots were made for walkin'"...hope you get a chance for some "R & R" soon:)

Sandy Michelle said...

Weird how we always just miss eachother on our vacations! I am going to Vegas in May to spend some alone time with my Husband; what's his name...ha,ha!


Sheila R said...

Love this saying and the pink boots. Hope you have a wonderful husband getaway!

Caleen said...

Love the picture.. Cute boots. Oh.. how exciting. A Get-away.. I need one too :) Hope you have a lovely time and re-connect. :)