Anthro-Amazing pologie!

Can I just say,
"I am SOOOOO tired tonight".
I have been burning the midnight oil for 2 weeks now
and I am fading!

This is what happens to me
I get so excited about what projects I am making,
I can't sleep.
All night long, I dream about them.
Why can't I turn off my brain?
Tonight, I keep thinking about
Jeans, that's correct denim jeans!
I want to stitch shamrocks and
rainbows, and maybe even a
Irish Blessing on them.
I can't get them out of my mind.

However, the kids are home for spring break so---
I will have to take a blog break.
And-stitch my jeans another day!
Sure hope I can sleep!  wink, wink

I am leaving you with an image of something


It is from yummy Anthropologie.

My best friend for over 25 years got them for me.

They were a birthday gift!
She heard me whining about them...
I just couldn't buy them for myself.
It would have been a frivolous purchase.

I spied these one-of-a-kind amazing paperclips
when shopping with little Miss H.
She was in the dressing room and I was piddling through the store.

Aren't they delicious?
I have no plans for them...
other than to LOVE and ADMIRE them daily!

Next Anthropologie obsession-
That's correct folks--push pins!
Wonderful pushpins.

Miss you -- while I am on spring break!


Sheila R said...

Have a great spring break. Just love your paper clips and lovely push pins!

Leah C said...

That's a sweet friend ya got there:) Pretty little paper clips...enjoy your Spring Break!

Caleen said...

How Cute! I can see you embellishing something with these. So Spring! Happy Spring Break :)