Think Spring with Fabric Flowers!

All this snow
had me dreaming of bright, warm days.

With a little fabric
and a button,
I made these flower corsages.

This McCall's pattern helped guide
my first flower. 
I used view "C".

I went overboard creating the flower pins....

Here's the how to:
1 strip of fabric 2 inches wide by 30 inches long.
1 strip of fabric 1 1/4 inches wide by 30 inches long.
Place the strips on top of each other so the right side of the fabric is visible.
Stitch a basting stitch by hand or using a sewing machine.
 If you use your machine,make sure to set your stitch size at least a 5.5.
Pull the bottom thread, to gather the fabric. 
It will coil into the shape of a flower.
Sew it together and add a button to the center.
If you like leaves, cut a leaf shape from the fabric. 
You will need 2, a front and back to your leaf.
I put fusible fleece between the layer of my leaf and
then stitch an outline of the leaf on the sewing machine.
I hid the backside with a felt circle cut using my old fashion
Sizzix Machine.  Sew on a pin back.
Ready to give or Ready to wear!

The flower is dazzling with rhinestones in it's center.

I had to leave you with a picture of a hawk
 having it's dinner on our swing set.
Not something we see everyday in the city!


Lora Oliver said...

Oh, Kara! I love, love, love these flowers! You have a fantastic eye for color and pattern and always inspire me.

Anonymous said...

Super cute, Kara!!!

AliGripp said...

Hey doll! Thanks so much for making these! They are soooo stinking cute! Now I have been totally enabled to make these as party favors for skylars pool party!!