Think- Betz White Thursday...

I have always admired Betz White.

I picked up her book
Warm Fuzzies at my craft store.
The cover just spoke to me and
the inside was full of clever ideas.

I was fortunate enough to meet Betz White
at Silverbella.
It was a quick, how's it going introduction.
She was sitting at her vendor table with all
those cupcakes from her book's cover in front of her.

I had to have one!
It is a pincushion.
She also had kits for sale to make this!

A Cup of Joe pincushion.
I thought it looked like hot cocoa.

(Mmmm...drinking some tonight.)

I bought the kit and here is how mine turned out!
Finally finished it today with my mom.
I was scared to start it
but Betz had easy directions with pictures....
The pink and green colors are 100% ME!
It is made from recycled sweater pieces!

 hold your breath,
I am cutting out the Amy Butler Bag!


Scrap It Swanky Sister said...

What an adorable little cup of goodness!! I'm going to have to find that book!!

Leah C said...

So cute & cozy! Love it:)

Scrapmaniac said...

Kara, I've been making wine bottle covers and laptop covers with recycled sweaters, but this takes the cake! Soooo cute. Julianne

Sandy Michelle said...

Yummy!! :)

xoxox Sandy