Make it Monday Snow Much FUN

I can't believe it is already Monday.
I blinked my eyes and the weekend sped by...

  • Husband home from Japan (check)
  • Sledding on favorite hill (check)
  • Projects completed for work (check)
  • Laundry almost done (half-check)
  • New cheesey soup made (check)
  • Blackbean salsa chopped and ready to eat (check-yum)
  • House cleaned (hard to keep this one checked since kids have been home)
Here are a few photos from our sledding day!

Mr. S with the red saucer sled.  It was mine when I was little.  I still have it!

Miss L.  She is Mr. S's best "G" friend.  aka as a friend that is a GIRL!

Wipe Out!

Miss H with her dad looking stylish as always!

Old man on sledding
Could be very dangerous.
I spared all the wipe out photos!

While it is so bitterly cold outside,
stay warm and create
  •  something you can use,
  • something you could give,
  • or something just down right fun to make.
Read all about it @
Spotted Canary Miss Nifty Thrifty Blog.

Felt a heart on a hat you already own using a paper punch as your stencil
For directions go HERE!

How about some matching gloves?

I had this fleece scarf...
adding a little Bling made it brand-new again!

To make these projects click HERE!

Stay snug as a stylish bug wearing this "Sweet" hat and scarf.
How to's...go HERE!

Make a scarf from fleece fabric...
Simply cut and wear or felt a sweet bird.
Here's how...

More snow in our forcast...
Perfect weather to stay inside and make something New!


Sheila Rumney said...

Looks like you had a great snow day. Love your cute projects.

Leah C said...

So sweet!