Trick or Treat Candy Collectors

So I have been crafting for Miss Nifty Thrifty-
Here are a few candy collectors I made!

This owl bag is made from a pillowcase. 
 I put the name Jane on it because I was talking to my neighbor, Jane
before coming inside to craft it. 
 It would make a fun slumber party bag after Halloween.
Here is the link for directions.

Oh, baby was this a dusty old basket that I was hanging on to. 
Little orange spray paint and magic glitter-
turned it into a Jack-O-Lantern!
Directions Here!

My Red Dot Recycle Bag got a face lift!
  Felt and Buttons turned it into a sporty shopping bag or candy collector.
Click HERE for directions.

The dollar bin helped me with this bag. 
3 little treat sacks for $1.00!  Yeah!!!
I added felt wings and crazy eyes...
Here are the directions.

Spook eyes lighting the night on Halloween...
only these eyes are made of Styrofoam and buttons.
The word is an iron-on.
Directions HERE!

Here is a glamorous tote...embellished with feathers, charms, and gems!
Directions Here!

Hope your Halloween is Nifty Thrifty!

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Leah C said...

Each & every one is a work of art!! Love what you did to the Target bag:)