Welcome to Bermuda

Paradise awaits!
Grab your coffee and enjoy!

The island was in full bloom! 

We hiked to a lighthouse!
The view was breathtaking!

The food was yummy too! 

All the roofs were white. 
Each home had it's own water tank in the lower section of the home. 
The roof tops had grids where the rain would run into a tank.
  The Bermudians used the water they collected for dishes, showers, laundry, everything. 
It was very impressive!
This is the Swizzle Bar. 
The local drink was full of rum and made you swizzle after a few!
Can you see the reef in the water?
It surrounds the island and protects it.
You won't see many large fish or sharks because they can't get through the reef.
It is like a fence around Bermuda!
Bermuda is made of many islands.
This was our hotel beach...
yes, the water is really that blue.
The lighthouse!
We happened to be in Bermuda when the tall sails were racing from Rhode Island. 
 When the boats are in port, the flags on the sails are proudly on display!
We met a few sea turtles while kayaking. 
You have to look quickly.
  They are super speedy creatures!
How could you not love an island with pink buses! 
Swizzling with friends!
This is an amazing flower that floated in water at dinner. 
 Here it is up close!
You can see the flower in the bowl. 
My menu had water in it. 
 I was easily infatuated with it!
Nothing better than watching the sunset in the ocean at our hotel!
I could spend everyday here and never be bored!
Okay, these guys freaked me out. 
 Under all the trees, at night, they sing their song. 
 It is so loud in Bermuda at night. 
Louder than the cicada's in the summer. 

A great trip!

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