Momma Field Trip for Spring Break

First of all, as you view my blog you will continually notice changes over many months. 
I have enlisted the help of the talented April Showers in this big endeavor. 
She will come to my rescue with a blog make-over. 
All changes will occur over the summer-so in the meantime... thanks for sticking with my mess!

March brought us Spring Break.
 My children and husband were home from work and from school.
We decided no vacation because, if you remember---
our spoiled children just went to California in January. 

Instead, we went on a series of Momma Field Trips (aka  MFT'), in our Area.

First stop....St. Joseph, Missouri.  Home to cowboys and outlaws...

We ventured into the home of Jesse James
This is the home he was killed in. 
They had framed the bullet hole in the wall from where he was shot.  Creepy!

Next door was the "home of the Pony Express".
  It was an enormous museum with a giant train in it, several classic cars, and a merry-go-round that you could ride on.

Back in Kansas City, we headed to the Federal Reserve
It was cool, free, and worth the time. 
We all decided after visiting it we needed to rent the movie "Mad Money".

Although we drive past the Liberty Memorial once a week, we had never been.  It was very well done.  I didn't take any photos inside of the memorial because it made me sad.  War makes me sad. 

This is one of the only WW1 museums in the country.  

Take time to enjoy the view from the observation deck at the Memorial. 

 The view of my city is just beautiful!

More MFT coming...
I think it is important for my babies to know about the city they live in and the towns around them.
Don't get me wrong...you know I love to travel the world!


tina... said...

I like the idea of MFTs. Very cool, Kara.

War makes me sad, too :(

Lora Oliver said...

I totally agree with you that you should know the place you come from. It is a blast to see new places, but don't take for granted the amazing things that surround you everyday. Every place is special because there are people there that make it so.

Sheila Rumney said...

I think I need to get around town with the kiddos. Looks like fabulous things are just waiting around the corner!

BabyBokChoy said...

These are wonderful photos, thanks for sharing!!!