Momma Field Trip

After reading in the newspaper about the Moon Marble Company,
I decided to drag my family on a field trip. Moon Marble Company was having it's 10Th annual Marble Festival. It included marble artists, demonstrations, and a fascinating world of typical and unusual toys!

Here is a cool marble photo from Moon Marble's website. Be sure to check out their classes, pictures of their store, and field trips. Click Here!

All around the warehouse were local marble and glass artists selling their hand-made goods and demonstrating. We were all amazed by the skill, technique, and beauty of each piece...even a teenage girl (aka Hayden)thought it was cool. Watching glass get so hot that it can bend made science come to life.

As soon as you entered Moon Marble Company, you were greeted with jars, and jars of marbles. Each bin had a name. Sutton loved the Cub scout marble. I was a fan of the jellyfish marble.

I think Shane and I got such a big kick from the oddities of toys and gifts the Marble Store had. Shane picked up a box of band aids. Each band aid was a strip of bacon. They looked so real. Hayden immediately found a small boo-boo that needed a band aid. This painting had me laughing so hard! Next to the museum quality art, was a display selling actual squirrel underwear. This place would be perfect for gag gifts. Moon Marble Company also carries traditional toys and vintage toys.

Thanks for coming with us to the Moon Marble Company. It was a great Momma Field Trip or as I like to say a MFT.

Don't forget to get a marble out of his mouth before you leave!

Have you seen these on our local highways yet? When we were coming from our MFT at Moon Marble Company we spied this clever road worker.
His girlfriend works at the other end of the interstate.



BabyBokChoy said...

:) I really enjoyed this post :)

tina... said...

What a fun field trip! How neat to be able to see the marbles being made.

Lora Oliver said...

how fabulous! I love the squirrel. I would hang that in my scrap space in a heartbeat!

TxScrapAddict said...

what a cool field trip! You are soooooo good! Love the squirrel in his undies!

~Sasha Farina~ said...

ah.. gorgeous. i love marbles!

Sheila Rumney said...

What a neat field trip! I too saw a new road worker the other day... made me smile.

Have a great week!

Nicki said...

That sounds like such a fun trip! A dear friend of ours who passed away a year ago now had the largest marble collection~ he would have loved this place! Thanks for sharing!!

stephanie said...

I love those bins of marbles...It's like a candy store. What a great experience!