CHA 2009

Yes, I am home again...back to the cold Midwest air and a furnace that isn't working properly. CHA was as inspiring, as it has always been for me. Just think, to be in a building full of crafters that love to do what you do. Just look at the sunshine in the palm trees...no rain on me.

Every morning, this was the little path I took to the show. Wasn't it so inviting? The top of the path was covered in palm leaves....yes, I am sure I am in paradise.

I have some laundry to do...and of course we are out of groceries. So, I must cut this post short...more photos coming. Hugs-Kara


Hang 10 to California....

I am hoping onto a plane tomorrow and heading to rainy California. I hope that changes as soon as I get off the plane. CHA is here and I will be doing make-n-takes and demos for Dimensions! Yippee!!! I will blog all about it as soon as I return...

In the mean time, here is a delicious cupcake card made from Re- Make. It has real candies on it. You know, those kind you see on the slick paper and you bite them off? I thought they would make fun sprinkles. The tag JOY came from the packaging. Re -Make is a K and Company line that has images on the packaging so you can reuse the packaging, make less waste, and preserve your memories to help preserve the earth. I think it is such a cool concept.

Oh, yes-the drawing was today and you know I am working on giving for 29 days. Yesterday, I gave a favorite book to a friend to read. Today, I thought it would be fun to have 2 winners instead of one, so my kids helped me draw 2 names. SHIRLEY and VICKI F. http://texasscrapaddict.blogspot.com/ are both receiving copies of Artful Blogging and the heart tassel. Congrats and thank you everyone for playing along. Your posts mean a lot to me. When I first started this blog, I really thought no one would be interested in reading it....so again-THANK YOU! Kara


CHA 2009 Sneak Peek!!!!!

Sometimes, I feel so busy- like I am running a great race. It is unfortunate, but I get nowhere in my race. I am just running in circles. Today was the perfect example. I ran from 7 am (Miss H had before school choir practice) until 7:00 pm (Miss H had swim team practice and I needed 2 additional lights from Lowe's for my track lighting). I accomplished many little tasks-Wal-Mart returns, beauty shop, emails, Windex the french doors and table by front door, dishwasher...but my list is still long. I have things I must do tonight, so I feel like I won the race. Blogging is on my list....with out further ado....

For the first time ever, I am showing you a little sneak peak of product premiering at Winter CHA in sunny California.
I hope you get as excited about what you see as I did....
Inkadinkado has over 150 new clear and wooden stamps. Notice the beautiful chandelier.....
Have you seen the technique where you stamp on fabric and then stitch the design? Some of these would be amazing!
They also came out with a clear stamps storage binder. I have been organizing and re-organizing my new studio. This would be perfect. I need about 3 of them for starters. 1) for Halloween, 2) for Christmas, and 3) for Valentines day....then I would need one for letters and another binder for sentiments...oh, my list just keeps growing and growing.
I am happy to say that embroidery has come back in popularity. I like to stitch in the car while I wait for swim team practice or the car pool line. I even stitch on my scrapbook pages. These kits come with a frame, mat, glass, and frame clip. The designs are of nature.
Here are some yummy JOLEE'S Spring stickers. They have glitter, pearls, and soft felt on them. I am dying to see the butterflies in person!

STICKO offers new metallic dimensional stickers! Here are just a few of the 30 new designs.

Here is a must have!!!!! I am a tool girl so this really excites me! How about a punch that folds flat for storage. Think how much easier these would be to store. The edgers look really neat!

Take a peek at these little gems! Can you believe it? EK Sucess has Jolee's Jewels. It has Crystallized Swarovski elements for jewelry making. This product line offers everything for beginning jewelry makers to the experts! Tres Fabulous!!!!!!

Okay, how about a little paper.....
Madeline by Brenda Walton http://www.brendawalton.com/blog/...it looks like Paris in the Spring Time. You must see the grand adhesions that are pleated. I am dying to use them! She just is one of my all time favorite artist!

Jenn Ski http://jennskistudio.blogspot.com/ is an amazing artist. You may have seen her prints or fabric before. She has a very graphic style to her work. Check out this fun and whimsical paper line. It focuses on the alphabet and animals. It would make great alphabet scrapbooks or home decor items. Check out the little boy on the cover of the album...yes, that is my own little Mr. S. Oh, it melts my heart to see him so little.
Happy Trails to YOU until we meet again.....I always need travel paper because as you know I am ready for my next adventure at any moment...These papers work well for a family trip or a jet-set excursion...
Que, Sera, Sera...it makes me think of Doris Day but the paper is an artistic dream. It is layered graphics with intricate details. Each paper could be framed and hung in your studio. It is just that beautiful! Working with it, brings out my creative soul.
I love this color palette. It is refreshing and bright. I can see making an entire album for Miss H or my girlfriends from this line. The extra large titles really caught my attention.
Doesn't is just scream SUMMER! I am ready for a lounge chair, a diet coke, and my camera to capture those fun pool moments. Don't even think about taking my picture at the pool. I would have to drown you.
How fun is this border punch? It is new from Martha Stewart. I can see packaging my Easter treats with these cute punches. I wonder what this punch would look like around a plastic sand bucket for collecting eggs?

I hope you enjoyed the show....
Don't forget to comment...tomorrow I will draw a winner for Artful Blogging!


Let there be Light!

Today was a wonderful, fabulous day! My headache left town and my early birthday present arrived. My parents gave me lighting for my new studio. I have a chandelier and new track lights. Oh, I just keep staring at my lovely chandelier.

While Dennis was doing his magic with the electricity, I made a few Perler crafts for Valentine's Day. The cream colored tree was purchased at Ikea. I have had it for awhile and didn't know what I was going to do with it. The kids had been in the Perler beads the night before, and I was drawn to them. Elsie Flannigan http://abeautifulmess.typepad.com/my_weblog/2008/10/its-saturday-an.html has been using Perler beads in her work lately. Even the little Hoot was created with them. So easy and fun. There is a cool technique where you put glitter on the fuse beads before you iron them.http://www.5min.com/Video/Creative-Crafts-Perler-Beads-211305 They really sparkle! Perler beads are very inexpensive. I bought the kit to make the owl at Hobby Lobby for only $1.27. They would be sweet gifts for those extra special little valentines!!!!

Okay, for my 27Th Day of Giving-

I want to give to you...
I purchased Artful Blogging two times. I have an extra copy and a beautiful heart tassel to go with it. Make a comment and I will pick a winner on Friday!
Thanks for taking the time to read the crazy things I write and supporting my craft. Blogging has been a wonderful experience for me! Kara


Today is a Diet Coke day!

Today was a chocolate and Diet Coke day. My 2-day headache arrived with my picnic, as my dear friend, Melanie http://melaniecdesigns.blogspot.com/ would say. Nothing makes my headache go away. I wake up with it and I sleep with it for 2 long days. So, I nurse myself back to health with my delicious Diet Coke and my chocolate. As you can tell, diet is only in my soda and was not part of my New Year's resolution. This year I didn't make a resolution and then, I happen upon a blog with the 29 days sign on it. I clicked on the link http://givingchallenge.ning.com/ and was so inspired that I joined it. Day 29-my gift was simple and odd. I made it so that someone that was on the entrance ramp on the highway could get on it. I moved over. It was that simple. Today, (Day 28) I mailed a box of goodies to my friend, Vicki. It is funny what I noticed as soon as I joined the 29 days, all the nice acts around me. Today, at the post office, someone held the door for me and allowed me to get in front of them even though I offered them back their place in line. The line was long....out the door. The selfless gentlemen held both doors and refused to take his place in front of me. He wasn't older, maybe in his mid thirties. Maybe he joined 29 Days too!



Where Am I?

I have been off the grid since Christmas. I have been on a path, just a different one. It is the path that leads home. They needed me (see photo below). Mr. S had an asthma attack at elementary school which required 911 to be called. A fire truck, an ambulance, and 2 police cars came to our aid. He was fine, but has required several doctor visits and a new medicine routine. We aren't there yet, but will have more answers in 2 weeks. Little Miss H has had her own medical needs. She had 6 teeth pulled on Friday to get her ready for braces. We had to go to an oral surgeon because some of the teeth were below the gum line. She is healing, but is still very swollen. I also got sick after Christmas. It was a lovely upper respiratory infection along with Bronchitis. The cough out lasted the medicine. I am finally able to hold a conversation on the phone.

Our Christmas was so special....
Here is a great photo of my dad on Christmas Eve. As many of you know, he has been battling his own medical issues. He is such a fighter and we had good news at the doctor's today. The crazy, but very important potassium count, was in the average range. That means my mom's strict menu is helping his kidneys function some. Notice his little dog, Eliza Doolittle, she love her photo taken. Most dogs are too fast for the camera. She sits up pretty.

The presents were numerous. Such a generous family. You can tell by Mr.S's face he love the Nikon camera my parents got him.

Christmas morning was too quick. I just want to push the pause button and take it all in. Hayden got her very important present... a New cell phone. Perfect for her texting... The kids are in their new pajamas which is always the first gift of Christmas and given on Christmas Eve. My mom started this tradition with me when I was little. Old Navy had snowmen fleece pajamas...extra cozy and extra cute!

Mr. S played a trick on the family this year. We always hide the pickle on the tree Christmas Eve. Christmas morning who ever finds it, gets a special pickle present. Miss H has found it 2 years in a row. Mr. S decided to hide it before I did and pretend like he didn't. I looked and looked for the pickle and couldn't find it. He reached into the trunk of the tree and pulled it out! The little turkey had it all planned out. He is now the proud owner of the DVD The Adams Family. I am going to have to be sneakier next year. Watch out Mr. S!

Shane and I had fun with a few presents this year. We decided to wrap up 5 of their favorite foods and mix them in with the gifts. It was hilarious when they opened them. The look of their faces was priceless. Both were happy with the food. It just shows you that it really is the little things that matter.

On Christmas Day, we drove to see Shane's family. Coco was worn out from getting up so early.

Peace to all of you in this new year....
I miss the blogging world and I am glad to be back.
Or as Miss H would say Peace Dude!
Make time to create!