Charming Affaire....

Have you always wanted to learn how to solder charms or make your own jewelry? Ali and I are teaching more than just soldering with an amazing home-based class. Gather a group of friends, we will bring all the supplies to your location, and learn how to create jewelry, ornaments, and home decor pieces. Join us for one-of-a-kind art in the comforts of home.

What you will learn in a 3 hour workshop:
  • how to cut glass
  • 3 dimensional designs
  • collage-paint, vintage artifacts, and stamping
  • using found objects in jewelry making
  • how to wire wrap charms
  • how to make solder look like butter
  • how to attach charms, appendages, and embellishments
  • the value of flux
  • all the In's and Out's of copper foiling techniques
  • what supplies are the best to use when you solder or make jewelry
Class Fee is $125 per person for 3 charms... includes all supplies

2 Charms will be designed for you, so you can learn techniques. The other charm is for you to create your own, unique piece.

We will be created a Haunted House charm and a dimensional door shadow box charm in October. It will be spooktacular!

Set up your October date...


If you are in the Kansas City Area...there are some great artist activities going on this weekend:

  • Curious Sofa "Freak Show" Thursday, Friday, Saturday 3925 West 69th Terrace in Prairie Village
  • Northland Vintage Fair "Paris Flea Market" Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at Zona Rosa in the old Disney Store
  • Wesport Art Fair-I like it better than The Plaza Art Fair


Leah C said...

Oh so pretty! I think I might need to start saving my pennies:)

Caleen said...

Would you come all the way to California????? oh, well... I still want to learn how to soldier.. Love the necklaces.. so pretty.. No one around here knows how.. Really sad..

Catherine said...

Is it extra for you to come to Maine?? I love these!! TFS!!

TxScrapAddict said...

I sooooo wish I lived close by, I'd sign up and gather some friends in a heartbeat. Always wanted to learn to do all you all are teaching. And, what better way than with the pros. If y'all ever venture to Central Texas let me know!!!!!

Karen said...

AARRGGHHHH!!!! This is JUST the class I want to take! Gosh, if you were in So Cal I'd be there in a heartbeat!!!!
I'm sad!

Nicki said...

Oh, I wish I lived near you! I would so do this soldering class! Adorable, Adorable, Adorable!!!