I Have Been Gone, For So Long...

After being locked in my studio for a week, we left town.

For the Lake...
We go every year with Shane's family. It is always a great time!

Doesn't this door mat say it all? Life is good at the lake. Grab your towel and join us!

Welcome Home!

You will have to arm wrestle Sutton to drive the paddle boat. He lived in it and had a lot of trouble following the rules and sharing it!

The Girls

More Kids....
Lovin' the diving board.

The Cha Cha slide...on the diving board.

Dancing to a little Solider Boy!

Fishing every chance they could...they even bought fish spray!

I keep telling him he needs to look at me in a nice way or I am going to post his picture. Here it is Mr. Grouch!

The Adventure....Big Dick's Halfway Inn.
The kids all wanted to go....
Because of these fish....You put a fish (alive) in a shot glass with soda! Gross!!!
Down the hatchet....and earning a t-shirt!

There were 12 of us... 4 shot the minnow this trip to Big Dick's. I think everyone has except, me (because I am prissy, and grossed out) and my kids (if Mom isn't doing it, neither are we attitudes).

Dinner at Carlos and Cindy's. The kids spent equal amounts of time at their home as they did where we were staying. They love Carlos!
We ended our stay with the girls putting on a fashion show. They bought new clothes at the outlet mall and used the bridge to the dock as a run-way. Aunt Renae video taped it and was the make-up artist, hair stylist, and announcer. It was quite the show.
I wish that was the end of my tale. When I got home the black cloud of gloom and doom was floated over my head. I tried putting up an umbrella and all it did was pour on me.
My dad has lost most of his eye sight and needs surgery. Very risky with all his other health issues.
Sutton fell on the diving board at the lake. He cut open his toe. We washed it and put a band-aid on it. He didn't get back into the lake after he got hurt. The toe got infected. He ran a temperature. The school nurse called on the 2ND day and said we needed to get him to the doctor.
It is serious. We will find out today what type of bacteria he has in him. They did a culture on it yesterday. His foot still looks awful! He had to get a shot yesterday...that didn't go over very well. He is on medicine to help fight the infection. If we don't react quickly, blood poisoning was briefly mentioned along with admittance to the hospital. I am crossing my fingers we are on the right path...but his poor toe didn't look any better after soaking it twice yesterday and today plus all the medicine.
I am not sure how often I will be able to post until I get my personal life back on track. I have definitely hit a bump in the road or a large pothole.


Anonymous said...

Hi Kara,

I was about to say what a fabulous holiday! And how fantastic your pictures look!

How awful all that bad news is :-(
Wishing you and yours all the best, and hope next time you post it will be better news

Rose XXX

bekimarie said...

Miss you too, you've been gone for far too long!
It looks like you had a fab time at the lake but what a shame to come back to such bad news. I hope your Dad will be OK and poor Sutton certainly needs lots of Mummy cuddles. I will keep my fingers crossed that that his tests come back fine.
It sounds like you need to take a bit more time out hunni, will miss yoy but we have email.
Take care
Love and ((hugs))
Beki xxx

Silke said...

Gosh, I was thinking how wonderful your vacation looked - like pure fun and play! And then the other news!

I'm sorry to hear about your dad's eyesight. I hope they can do something to help him!

And I am sure Sutton will be alright. I actually had blood poisoning once - from a blister on a finger - and I bounced back very quickly. I certainly wish the same for Sutton!

Hugs, Silke

Sandy Michelle said...

It sucks when you come home to crap after such a fabulous vacation! I will pray for your dad and son! Keep us posted. Hang in there girly!


Leah C said...

Nothing like a black cloud to ruin one's good times. I am soooo sorry to hear your distressing news...I'll be keeping your Dad & Sutton in my thoughts & prayers. Wishing you all strength as you go through this scary time. Hugs to you...

natalie hansen said...

The Lake looks beautiful, and sounds like you did have fun before the bad news hit...I'll be saying a little prayer for your family...that all the issues come to a healthy and happy ending! xox Natalie

Caleen said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful time at the lake. Looked like so much fun.. Those cute girls and how fun.. a fashion show.. Then..
Wow! A lot to deal with.. Hope and praying for Sutton and your Father. Be strong and rely on God.
Take care Dear!

Rachel said...

Your family vacation looks like it was amazing. I'm sorry you had to come back to such stress with health problems. Sending you positive energy for a quick recovery for Sutton and your Dad! HUGS!

Anonymous said...

Sorry about your struggles. I'm sending good thoughts and vibes of healing your way. Your lake side vacation sounded like the perfect way to spend the summer.I love your shots of the kiddos being kids-priceless! Hang in there and keep us posted.

Nicki said...

What an awesome looking time at the lake, everyone looks like they had great fun!

I'm so sorry to hear about your dad and Sutton. I'm praying for healing and strength for your family!

Hang in there!

TxScrapAddict said...

So sorry about your troubles. My thoughts and prayers are with you and your family. Hang in there!

Catherine said...

sounds like the week I've had, just kind of crummy. Here's to a better week next week. Hope your Dad and son are better soon! xox.

Cindy said...

It looks like you had a fantastic time at the lake.

I just finished scrapping some pictures of my daughter and her friends on a lake weekend. I used one of your kits from SBookers Dream called 'Lake Living.' Do you remember it?

I'm sorry to read about the health problems facing your dad and Sutton. Hope everything is better now.

Cindy Rathke

Vicki C said...

Keeping your family in my prayers!
But .. thanks for sharing those FUN pics!