Haydee Mac...

Our Hayden had a birthday in May...

As soon as she arrived home from school...we headed to the spa for pedicures!!! Sarah picked out a cool shade of green polish for Hayden. I had it wrapped up in a little sack with a note saying that we would be going to get pedicures today!!!!!

Teenagers and how they document their life!
Pretty toes and matching flip-flops! Fun Mother and Daughter times!

Hayden loves the store Hollister...so I did my best attempt at creating her a Hollister shopping bag cake. The handles are from the craft store in the purse section. The credit cards are made from Graham Crackers. I know that the cake industry would cringe if they saw my interpretation.

Hayden wanted us to go to Brio for her birthday. She loves Italian food! Her Aunt and Cousin took her here over Easter. It was fabulous! So glad she picked this place for her birthday!
They bring out pizza dough for the kids to make anything they want out of...Sutton made a tornado of course! They bake the design and then bring it out before dinner to snack on.
Make a wish!
Here is a layout from a previous birthday...she has grown so much!



Anonymous said...

how fun to have pedicures together - half of me wants to keep my daughter small, the other half wants for her to be that sort of age where we can do fun stuff like that!

Looks like she had a fab birthday :-)

Rose XXX

Floss said...

Happy Birthday to Hayden! My son turns 12 this month - how they grow up so fast! He wants to have his three best friends over for an afternoon in the pool, with lots of Nintendo DS games and food the rest of the time. It sounds simple compared to his 5th birthday 'Space' themed party for his entire class! My own birthday is at the same time - would you like to come to my Garden Party (blog style)?

Sheila R said...

Happy Birthday! Just love the pedicure pics and the cake looks wonderful!

Sheila R said...

Happy Birthday! Just love the pedicure pics and the cake looks wonderful!

Silke said...

Happy Birthday! That looked like the perfect day to me! Your kids are soooo cute! :) Silke

Robin Gibson said...

Happy Birthday to Hayden! She's Lovely!! Looks like she had a FABULOUS Birthday!! GREAT pictures of her cake, that's SO cute!! You must love the pics of the kids, they are PRECIOUS!!!

Tracey said...

Hi, thank you for visiting my blog & for the nice comment....You have lovely children & are very talented!
Love Tracey xxx

bekimarie said...

What a lovely time you had, I do love these Mother and Daughter bonding times.
They grow so fast, we have to treasure ever moment.
The cake looks fab, well done you.
I can just see it now 'Karas Kakes'!
Take care
Beki xxx

tina said...

Oh, this is precious, Kara! What a great time you had with your Hayden! I already love shopping with my 5 y.o. She's so fun & girly girl!

Nicole said...

Oh fun, LOVE the green polish.

thanks for stopping over on my blog


Christina said...

Looks like it was quite the fabulous day! They grow so fast don't they?!

Mary said...

love those pictures of your kids together - you can see how much they like each other!

Leah C said...

Celebrating a birthday in style! Happy Belated Birthday, Hayden:)

Sandy Michelle said...

Happy birthday to your beautiful daughter! I love the idea of having your toe nails done together! The layout is so cute and I love your cake idea!


TxScrapAddict said...

Happy Birthday to her! She's a doll!!