Birthday Boy!

Deck out head-to-toe in Cardinal attire, from his Uncle Ronnie...this boy is now 8! He celebrated it with a few neighbor friends and LEGOS.

The invitations where delivered. I made them with scraps of cardstock and a circle punch. Directions for the invitations are on Spotted Canary.http://www.spottedcanary.com/ I am loading them today.

I know I am a paper crafter and not a cake artist. But this was my best effort at a Lego cake. LOL. The red frosting , no matter how much food coloring you use, is always pink! I frosted over OREO cookies to make the knobs on the Legos! Poor cake it is kind of pathetic but Sutton thought is was perfect so I guess that is all that matters.

Yes, he was very excited!!!!!

His dad was kind enough to take the boys miniature golfing. I didn't have to go! I felt like I won the lottery. He was worn out afterwards!

I had other party games planned...guess how many Lego's, Lego scavenger hunt with flash lights, and a scoop of Lego's and timer for building. All of that went out the window, when Sutton opened his presents. Each boy had brought him a new Lego kit to build. That is all they wanted to do! Finally about 9 o'clock they decided to play hide-n-seek and used the flashlights. They hid in pairs because I am sure they were scared of the dark in our basement, but wouldn't let anyone know it!

The youngest party guess...Mr. M. He lights up a room when he comes in it!!!!

The boys that play together as soon as school is out each day! Mr. J had a football injury and no, his eye normally doesn't look like that! Poor baby!!!! He said he didn't care, he just really wanted to come to the party!
More party news coming.....Miss Hayden turned 12 on the 20Th-heartbreaking!


tina said...

Looks like great fun!!!! I love those invitations! Might have to use them with my Lego Lover next year! :)

Silke said...

Looks like the PERFECT Lego party! I was impressed by the cards AND by the cake! Happy birthday to the birthday boy!! :) Silke

Lilli said...

Good job with the cake! I can just imagine how much work that was to make.

That poor boy with the swollen eye!

Shonna said...

What a creative party!! I love the invitations and the cake!

bekimarie said...

Wishing your gorgeous boy a very 'happy birthday'!
My gorgeous boy turned 20 today so no longer a boy but a man.
I think you made a great job of the cake. I can bake just not that good at decorating them.
Love your book on your previous post. I'm new to the whole papercraft thing and hoping that I can achieve something like that, it really is great!
I've signed up on spotted canary but have yet to look into it properly.
Beki xxx

Wanda said...

You did a fine job (for a paper arts person) on his party. :) You actually did really good...I love the invites and the cake turned out great. Haven't you realized yet...little boys love any effort their Moms make on cakes...as long as they can tell what you were attempting...that is all that matters. :)

Leah C said...

Looks like the birthday boy had a blast! Cute pics:) You did a great job with the cakes & invitations!

m i c h e l l e said...

Oh what fun! That cake is SOOOO clever! That look of excitement on his face says it all..."Mom Rocks!" :-)

Sandy Michelle said...

OMG my daughter's birthday was the day before! Happy belated to your little guy! As always, you sure know how to throw a fun party!!

Sandy xoxo

Sheila R said...

Looks like the birthday boy had a great time. Loved the Lego theme!

Sheila R said...

Looks like the birthday boy had a great time. Loved the Lego theme!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your lego cake!
For some reason my computer wont show me the rest of your photos :-(

Rose XXX