A Bad Storm...stirs up memories!

When a bad storm blows into Kansas City, I get nervous. This one arrived several weeks ago. It takes me back many years ago to when we lost 60% of our homes to a tornado. I watched it blow over these very homes. The end of the street, 3 houses from us, there was no longer a house. I remember when the tornado, by an act of God, went over our home. It lifted for just a moment before hitting the street to the West of us. All the sound in our home was gone. We were in the eye of the tornado. It was the scariest silence I have ever heard. The house shook like we were in a washing machine. My ears popped from the pressure. We couldn't hear all the upstairs bedroom doors flying shut or the pictures crashing to the floor. We braced ourselves and wished we had blankets or bike helmets for the kids...we did even have shoes on. The clean up was a long process in our neighborhood and most of our neighbors rebuilt and stayed. It was the first Sunday in May when this happened...and even though it was many years ago, it seems like yesterday. It is funny how you look at things differently after living through such a crazy event. Spring time always makes me cautious of bad weather and storms stir up memories that I like to tuck in the back of my closet. I am thankful, these pictures were of just a storm...nothing more, nothing less.

Here is a welcome to our home...card. It is an interactive card. Step-by-step directions for it are on Spotted Canary. I took step-out-photos of the how-to-process. I haven't checked the Spotted Canary site to see if they are on it. But if they aren't, I will add them on my blog. It is funny how important a home is and the things we put in it. But, what is most important is the people that live in it. Be Safe this storm season and take your shoes to the basement when the sirens blare.



bekimarie said...

Scarey times for you!
When we moan about the weather here in the UK, I don't think we stop to think that other people get it so much worse. I will never moan about the rain again and will always be thinking of you when I hear you have it bad.
Jess was so pleased to hear from Hayden and I think she is planning on emailing back later. It's been half term here so there's been lots of sleepovers,here and at friends homes. I'm quite looking forward to having her to myself today.
Take care
Beki xxx

Sandy Michelle said...

That's friggen SCARY!!! Holy molly I would have had a heart attack if I had to go through that! Man I can't even imagine the fear you must feel whenever you get bad weather! In the pictures the sky looked like it was going to open and swallow up those houses!

The card is a FABULOUS idea! My sis is having a house-warming party. I have to show it to her! CONGRATS on the weight loss (I'm a little envious)! Also, you asked about the pastry charm and fish bowl ring? I just used tiny Blythe re-ment and attached a jump ring or glues it to a ring base! Have a great weekend!

Sand :)

TxScrapAddict said...

Lovely project! Yes! stay safe! Having lived in tornado alley most of my life (and when I wasn't...living in Florida and surviving Andrew..), the spring season always has me on alert. Amazing how such a memory is galvanized into our brains isn't it? Had a similar experience in April of 1974...many, many lost their homes, some even their lives. A frightening memory I'll never forget.

Caleen said...

How Scary.. We had a pretty bad storm here in California. The windows were rattling and the whole house. The lighting started some fires near our home. Kind of freaky.. We don't usually have storms like this.. Thank goodness it moved on.. We have been very lucky.. I can't imagine.. I will pray for your continued safety during this storm season.. Really love the house you made.. I have wanted to make some type of memorial of our old house.. Great job.. Have a great weekend!

Leah C said...

Storms are so scary...I much prefer gentle breezes & warm sunshine. I hope you never experience a tornado like that again! Good advice about the shoes; we keep an old pair for each of us in the basement:)
The card {like all your creations} is lovely!

Silke said...

That is so scary! I can't believe you really lived through a tornado. My husband has, too, growing up in Ohio, but I never had to. But...I get plenty nervous here in Savannah when the sirens go off and we all hide in our little closet (no basements here). Plus, I am super aware of hurricane season, which incidentally started today. Here's to good weather, gentle breezes and plenty of sunshine for all of us!! :) Silke

Anonymous said...

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