Miss Frenchies House...

Come inside...the view is delicious!

The door is open....shall we go see what Miss Frenchie has been up to? But first, we must have a glass of Pinot Grigio before heading in...relax just admire how green the grass is. I think I must be in the French Countryside.
Como Talle Vous?
Bien, Merci!

Glorious lights in Miss Frenchies house...Chandeliers to light her chateau. Come downstairs and let's have a closer look. Yes, that is a birdcage with a butterfly...An artist lives here.

How about these chandeliers? Tres magnificent!!!! Elizabeth had an boo-boo when displaying this magic. Read about it on her blog. http://elizabethhousestlouis.blogspot.com/ She is a St. Louis store owner with a great sense of style.

I spy with my little eye...many collections at Miss Frenchies.... Sea Shells from la mer (the ocean) were in many of the booths. They must be a new trend from Round Top, Texas..... read more about Roundtop here: http://www.rtis.com/reg/roundtop/reghist.htm I also saw vintage, children 's clothes, linens, jewelry, clocks, birds, and dolls. Yes, Sandy (http://sandy-sandyscreations.blogspot.com/)....doll heads scare me still. Not even--- one on display in my studio. Effrayant!

Loved these petite pincushions in wee little tins...darling.

Here is Robin and talented friend's booth called "Friends of a Feather". She is a teacher at Vintiques also. Don't you want her to teach us how to make these sweet feathered friends? I am begging. Maybe if we all tweet really loud she will consider. Yes, her jewelry is delicious too!
Au Revoir....mon amie.


Nancy W said...

Love your blog! So glad you stopped in at mine so that I could then find my way to yours! hugs from Conroe, TX (not too far from Roundtop TX)

Sheila R said...

Thanks for such a wonderful time at Miss Frenchie's. Just love all your pictures! Can't wait for the next one!

Silke said...

Thanks for sharing all those pictures! You must have had such a great time at Miss Frenchie's. And thanks for stopping by my blog...:) Silke

Leah C said...

What a collection of pretties:) Tres magnifique!

kathy said...

OH so many lovelies -- thanks for sharing the exquisite eye candy -- Kathy - ga

Scrappy Jessi said...

hey sweets,
so fun
i have to come to the next one!

Lilli said...

C'est Magnifique! It's all wonderful, although I'm not sure you could drag me away from all those beautiful vintage crochet and linens

TxScrapAddict said...

My oh my....my heart just goes a flutter when I see picutres like these. To be immersed in the whole experience in person must've been simply divine!

Vintage Tea said...

Thank you for sharing Miss Frenchies with us

Victoria xx

Marci said...

Oh~what a lovely blog you have!