My lovely blog award is from a dear friend, Liv. She is such a digital whiz and a creative soul with a great sense of humor. Thank you Liv!!!!

This store window inspires me in so many ways...color, texture, details. All the things I want in my studio. I have been working on my studio...but the finishing details just aren't there. I have to move some shelves and rework the displays. I do have one little project to show you. I took a frame from Hobby Lobby and used a staple gun to attach chicken wire to the inside of it. Then, I backed the frame with a cotton material that needs steamed. It is simple but a nice place to place items that inspire me or items I love. Over my computer, I feel I need a larger one~ A wall of inspiration. My old studio had this wall right above my workspace. I didn't realize how much I missed it and how much it inspired me. I wonder how many artists, crafters, and scrapbookers also have a wall that inspires them!



Sheila R said...

I just love your wall of inspiration. I too have a small one near my desk.

Leah C said...

Love, love what you did with the frame! I have one similar that holds charms & pics & other trinkets:)

chelemom said...

This is just incredible!!! I ADORE this and really need to make one of these!

TxScrapAddict said...

Love that project! You are so talented!!

Caleen said...

I love the Inspiration Board. I just finished one recently to put above my desk. I might make a bigger one though.. There is so much to put on it for inspiration.. Thanks for sharing.. Have a great week.. I am sure you'll be creating something :)

Country Liv . . . said...

Oh Ms Kara! Aren't you sweet!
I really like what you did with the frame-it makes me want one for myself! That photo of the children is awesome! I really, really, like it and think you should do a layout including it (if you haven't already).
This is the first day I've had the time to visit my blog buddies in a long time; being a mom really cuts into our personal time, huh?
Be good to yourself,

Christina said...

I so totally love you wall of inspiration! I might have to come up with my own bit of inspiration.

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