EK Success Brands = A Fine Department Store

Okay, here is the funniest story...

I was sitting in the airplane boarding area at KCI and I looked at this guy in sunglasses and thought, he looks like American Idol winner David Cook. I tried peeking at him over my magazine but gave up until boarding the plane. It was a Southwest Flight, so I had to line up by letter and then number. I let "Mr. Maybe David Cook" in front of me even though his number had to be behind mine. I was #1. This gave me plenty of time to check him out. I followed him and his sunglasses and red scarf to the back of the plane and sat right in front of him. He left those darn sunglasses on the entire flight. Sigh! I still don't know if it was David Cook or not but it sure looked like him and he is from Kansas City. If not, it is definitely his twin. I never recognize celebrities. They can walk right past me and I wouldn't notice, so this was probably not David Cook ( or maybe it was)!

Okay, on to more important things...CHA wonderfulness! This is what I saw when I found the EK Success Brands booth! Sigh--it was like walking up to a fine department store. My heart was all pitter-patter. Everything about the booth was elegant. If you didn't know, EK Success Brands is huge. It is made up of Jolee's Jewels, K and Company, EK Success, Inkadinkado, Dimensions, and Marth Stewart Crafts and many more. It has all your crafting needs at one place. Ink, tools, stickers, beautiful papers, glitter, jewelry, Perlers, and felt. The first thing that caught my eye was the Jolee's Jewels made with Swarovski elements. Talk about BLING! The samples were to die for...absolutely beautiful.

Check out the classroom for make-n-takes. It reminded me of my teaching days! Notice the flat screen TV. It played samples made from all the brands products.

Look how lovely the Perler Beads http://www.perlerbeads.com/ look in the jars. The displays reminded me of lovely New York window displays. Attention was paid to every little detail.

Inkadinkado http://www.inkadinkado.com/shop/pc/viewContent.asp?idpage=1 had large images of their stamps. The Inchies were exciting many customers. What you can do and make with them is fascinating!

I love the Felt Works...so many colors and so simple to do. I plan to do a demo on an upcoming post. Mr. S, who is 7, promised to video tape me and Miss H has U-tube figured out. I have a feeling this is going to be challenging.

We are in Anaheim so very close to Disneyland...the show wouldn't be complete without a huge Perler bead Mickey Mouse. The new Disney Perlers are made for the younger crafter. The peg board is clear and sits right on top of the pattern. All you have to do is match the colors onto the peg. Grown-ups are still in charge of the iron. I can see a Mickey Mouse autograph book made from Perlers. Mr. S would give anything for that large Lightening McQueen Perler. Striking!!!!

The Martha Stewart Crafts http://www.marthastewartcrafts.com/ section of EK Success Brands had the most amazing glitter tree. Living in the tree was of course, glittery birds.

I have always loved EK Success http://store.eksuccess.com/ punches. I call myself a collector. Look how lovely they were displayed.

K and Company http://www.kandcompany.com/shop/pc/viewContent.asp?idpage=1 had so many lovely paper lines...I never get tired of crafting with so much fabulous art.
I hope you enjoyed shopping in the fine department store....


Lilli said...

That's a cute story about Mr.Cook. I can just see you trying to check him out :)

Thanks for the wonderful tour around the dept store! Somebody must have had a lot of fun designing the displays.

My faves are the felt and the glitter

Leah C said...

Oh wow...so much pretty eye candy! And, even more eye candy, if that guy happened to be David Cook:)

TxScrapAddict said...

Wow! Definite High End Display!! I'm drooling on my keyboard!!!!

Linda said...

Kara....I LOVE David Cook. OMG! You didn't ask him? I would've been DYING!!!! He is younger (by a few months) than my youngest child....but I tell ya... he is H O T!!!!!!!!!

Loreluca said...

Oh, Kara! Can I be green with envy???? I'd love to go to CHA again!
Can't believe you didn't ask him. I totally would've!