Halloween came and went...but here are my treats!

I can't believe it is November....

Yes, I am still moving my studio to the toy room. The walls are paint and the shelves put together. I still have a few things left on my wish list, but my biggest wish is for all the stuff to find a spot. It is all so overwhelming. It is official. I am a pack rat.

Here are my little trick or treaters. They are getting so grown up. Mr. MU Tiger was full of spirit. I had to get him out of the tree in the front yard. Miss Dorothy had her ruby red slippers and a cute dress made by Grandma. Her friend Miss. M dressed as zombie Dorothy so they were quite a match.

Our neighborhood is so much fun on Halloween. I had about 200 trick or treaters. They came in big groups. Shane and some other parents, took our 16 friends trick or treating. The night ended at our home with many sleepy and very thirsty children. I really enjoyed seeing all the parents that dressed up for Halloween. Freddy Krueger totally terrified me.

I hope all of you enjoyed Halloween as much as I did. I was ready for the cool weather of November. It makes me feel cozy and house bound. My creative juices are flowing which is a very good thing because I have project galore to do.

**We are missing a few here...Miss M, Miss K, a different Miss M, Miss L, and Mr. S.


Scrappy Jessi said...

aaahhh they look adorable!!!
see ya soon

Sheila said...

Beautiful pictures!

Lavender stamper said...

Such lovely pictures, Thanks for sharing

Sheila R said...

What great pictures and beautiful subjects! Too bad my kids are in the stage where they never want to pose for a picture... hopefully they will get over that soon!

See you in a few days!

Leah C said...

Such cute trick-or-treaters! Looks like they had tons of fun:)

Christina said...

What cute pictures! Love the one with him hanging up in the tree! And what a sweet Dorothy!

TxScrapAddict said...

Looks like a wonderful time!!