Don't Cha Just Love This Weather?

When the weather is nice, it is time to get outside. Boy, was it beautiful this weekend. The Ward's packed up the Ford and headed to the Plaza. We met a cousin at the Art Fair. Whew, was there a lot of people there! I am pretty sure it was all of Kansas City! We ate a huge dinner at Buca's. Don't you just love the Pope room? It makes me chuckle every time we pass it. Sutton's pizza took a little long to cook, so Buca bought us a dessert. It was a yummy, chocolate brownie thing. No wonder my pants don't fit. In the ladies restroom we found this hilarious sign. I just had to snap a picture of it. It had us all in stitches.

The next day we headed to the Renaissance Festival! HUZZAH! Hayden's friend, got us some tickets! Yippee and Thanks a bunch! The lovely Queen below with her court is Hayden's before school choir teacher. She has been the Queen of the Renaissance Festival for 3 years. It is quite an accomplishment. She greeted Hayden as soon as we walked through the gates. Hayden was beaming ear to ear. Val and her cute boyfriend, allowed us to be their guests at the festival. We had a royal time taking in all the art and attractions. So much talent walk through those kingdom grounds. All that fresh air, put me to sleep on the ride home.


Scrappy Jessi said...

hey doll,
what a fantastic weekend.
so fun
all your pics are fab!! the kids look so cute.
your family is adorable.
see ya soon

Sheila R said...

Looks like you had a great time! The kids sure are growing up!


Catherine said...

Kara, what great pictures - and a lovely family too! The Renaissance Fair looks like a TON of fun, something the Scanlon's would love. Especially the knights in costume!

THANK you for your compliments last week, I feel the same way about you :-)