Happy Father's Day!!!

Okay, this is what happens when you try to take a photo of the King of the House! Yes, he shot me several times! Hm mm, how many children do I have? Happy Father's Day!!! We planned to go to Worlds of Fun, but the weather didn't permit it. When the storm passed, it was nice to play outside. I spent the day doing laundry and cleaning out a few junky drawers. Nothing to exciting! We went to my parents and took my Dad a large can of Topsy popcorn. So yummy-Carmel, cheese, and butter. My mom and I worked on a new wreath for my front door. The old one had been in too many storms. The leaves faded from green to blue. It just looked beat up on my front door. Good Ole Hobby Lobby had their flowers half-off, so here is what I came home with. Not a wreath, I decided I was tired of a wreath and I bought a grapevine basket with chicken wire in it. I picked colors I like with our home...red, golden yellow, and olive greens. I hope this one can weather the crazy Midwest storms we have been experiencing.

Saturday, the first storm-free day in awhile, we headed to the lake. Little Mr. C, Miss H, Mr. S, and Miss S were ready to tube. They kept showing us the thumbs up sign to make the boat go fast. Not, many boats out on the lake...I wonder if gas prices are affecting boaters too?

Friday night, I taught a soldering class. I love these classes. We create a Junk Gypsy style game piece necklace. We learned how to solder a die, scrabble letter, dominoes, and dragon tears. I love wearable art!!! Next class we will make an art party girl soldered charm with necklace included.


Vicki C said...

WOO HOO.. I need me one of those! When When When... are you coming this way girl? We should see if we can line something up in August. My friend Catherine Mathews Scanlon is coming to spend a week.
THis is her latest book ..you'd love it.. (and Her)

Sheila R said...

Looks like you had a great weekend! I just loved attending your class on Friday and enjoyed wearing my creation yesterday to a family get together... got so many compliments! Thanks again!!